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Sarah: WinXD

So, those who have read my last entry realize that I was asking someone out, someone that i’ve like for a long time.  She said yes.  This to me is one of the greatest accomplishments for me.  I suck at asking girls out and I was really nervous.  This is a really big win for me, and since I posted the question. I feel I should post the result, Sarah and I are going out.  WIN


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Dear Sarah

Hey Sarah, look, i don’t want to be awkward, but if i don’t ask this, i’m going to regret it for a long time.  I think you are an amazing person and an amazing girl, and i would love if you would go on a date with me sometime.  If your not interested, i don’t want it to come beween our friendship, but if i don’t ask i’ll regret it.  So if you would consider it, it would make me so happy.  I hope you agree. Andrew

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The Mind of Andrew

Hey everyone who managed to find their way unto my blog.  My name’s Andrew and after years of putting it off, I decided to get a blog, cause i got stuff to say.  First off and foremost, I love games and movies.  Reviewing them is something I would like to do in this blog.  Other things include me ranting about random subjects that I find important.  If you don’t agree with me, I don’t give a shit, that’s why they’re called my opinions.  First off and foremost, I would like to thank my friends who have helped me to create this blog and told me to do it. Cause i’m lazy as all hell.  To Jeff, Brad, Shuffy, and Jp, and anyone else who told me not to be lazy, you guys are ballsa!

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