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MVC3: A game decades in the making

While I can’t say much about Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 as of now, because the game will not come out for 3 more days.  As for most people go though, I can say that I am pretty up to date with everything about this game.  Let me just say I have never been this hype for a game in a long time!  First of all, I’m a huge Deadpool fan, and am so happy to see his inclusion in a fighting game, and not just “we through him in,” but to spend the time and capture the spirit of Deadpool.  From the comics, he has a shoryuken he can use, his array of weapons, he moonwalks, when he wins or loses, he talks to the player playing the game displaying his ability to break the 4th wall.  Probably my proudest moment about it all though is that Capcom really gave the fans a present in Deadpool. If you’ve been a part of the Street Fighter community in the past years, you will have heard the phrases yelled by MVC2 favorite IFC Yipes.  Phrases such as “Where yo curly mustache at?” and “this shit is pringles.”  Well, when Deadpool beats Magneto, a favorite player or Yipes’s, he yells to the player “Where yo curly mustache at?”  A nod to the community after having stayed with one game for so long.

Enough about Deadpool though, the list of characters in this game is ridiculous.  Capcom is bringing in a lot of the usuals: Ryu, Chun Li, Akuma, Viewtiful Joe, Morrigan, and Felicia, and Zero.  But they are also bring back a lot of their classic characters that people will find amusing: Haggar from Final Fight, Dante from Devil May Cry, Arthur from Super Ghosts and Goblins, Spencer from Bionic Commando, Hsien Ko from Darkstalkers, Trish from Devil May Cry, Amaterasu from Okami, Chris Redfield and Wesker from Resident Evil, Tron Bonne from Megaman games, and C. Viper from the not so old Super Street Fighter 4.

The Marvel side also did a fantastic job including fan favorites and more unusual characters, satisfying the nerd and the casual with: Spiderman, Wolverine, Magneto, Phenoix(with Dark Pheonix), X-23, Hulk, She-Hulk, Thor, Sentinel, Storm, Taskmaster, Captain America, Dormammu, Dr. Doom, Super Skrull, Iron Man, Modok, and of course Deadpool.

All I can say is that I can’t wait for this game to be out, it has everything…stylish graphics, crazy combos, nuts supers and hypers, retarded amounts of moves, the brilliant system designed so that you’ll never have to play rage quitters again.  3 days….only 3 days.


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Merry Fucking Christmas!

Hey everyone, I’m here to say Merry Christmas.  I haven’t posted in way too long because of games and school.  But now that I’m done for the semester, time for a little message brought to you by me.  Merry Christmas!  And I refuse to say Happy Holiday’s because that’s bullshit.  I don’t care about Hannakuh, Ramadan, Kwanzah, and I don’t even care if I spelled those correctly.  If you celebrate those, good for you.  Say that to your friends and family who do the same.  But the number of times I’ve been yelled at for saying something like Merry Christmas, and people say that’s politically incorrect, that’s fucking bullshit.  The majority of people celebrate christmas, and does it hurt anyone to hear to have a merry anything.  I mean, unless it’s a “merry prison ass fuck,” no one should care.  So this christmas, I’m giving the gift of time travel; by that I mean that I’m going back to before anyone cared about political correctness or any of this.  There was no fire fighter it was fire man, no postal worker- mailman, no airline attendant- stewardess.  People had balls and weren’t afraid to offend other people.  I want it back! I’m not saying to be completely ignorant and be racist, but does the name of things really matter that much.  I heard that they’re changing the name of gingerbread men, to gingerbread person.  That….is where I draw the line.  So Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a good night!

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Top Video Game Sequel #1

Okay, I’m aware that list has taken wayyyy to long to make and I chock that one up to my fault.  Giving as I don’t really give a shit about that though, lets continue.  This last entry should probably be a surprise to no one.  It one game of the year from multiple groups and is one of the best looking and most fun games of all time.  It is none other, then Cooking Mama 2.  Haha, that game sucks.  No Seriously, it’s Uncharted 2.

Most people never played the first game, well, let me tell you, if you haven’t, go out and play it.  Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune was one of those gems of a game.  No one really knew about it, but if you played it, you instantly loved it.  Coming off its success with Crash Bandicoot in the playstation generation and then the very successful Jak games from the PS2 generations.  Naughty Dog told everyone to shut the fuck up with Uncharted.  Even though it’s kinda  a closet game, it won IGN’s PS3 game of the year the year it was released.  Uncharted was beautiful and the story was engaging.  The gameplay which combines a third person perspective shooter and great platforming.  The game follows treasure hunter Nathan Drake going after the treasure of his long lost ancestor the pirate Drake.  He is followed around by a lady documentary maker as they have to hide from and fight off rival treasure hunters, including your friend who betrayed you.

This is where Uncharted 2 comes in.  If you’ve never seen this game, you need to view the graphics.  In the first game, it got critical acclaim for the water graphics when you’d jump into the water, the water would ripple and your clothes would become soaked with the water.  Well this effect is back along with it’s new snow feature.  Snow has never been so beautifully rendered.  As you walk through snow, it would pile up along your legs and build small snow banks where you walk.  The gameplay has just gotten better, more awesome platforming and awesome gameplay.  I won’t talk much about the story because it’s so engaging that you need to experience it for yourself.  I will say that this time around, it centers around Marco Polo and his journey to China.  I will also say that watching this game even during play is almost like watching a movie.  One huge new feature added to this game however is it’s multiplayer.  The original didn’t have it, but in this game, they have full on huge matches of thieves squaring off against each other with all weapons, shields, rolling through caves.  They were able to bring essentially the entire game to online multiplayer.  Kudos to Naughty Dog on this.  I can’t describe how good this game is.  It’s just hard to put it into words.  Lets just say that I put a lot of thought into this list.  And I have no doubt that this game is #1.

Seriously, here is the box art, now go get this game

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Birth By Sleep: A good PSP game?

So this may be a little late and most people may have already decided whether they are going to buy Birth By Sleep or not.  But if you haven’t, that’s why I am here.  First off, Kingdom Hearts were originally Sony only which were great games on the PlayStation2.  Up until now though, all hand held Kingdom Hearts games were Nintendo games.  Square Enix finally realized that the PSP is fancy enough and powerful enough to actually support a good game.

First off, I’m going to talk about the idea behind the game.  This game is a prequel to all the other Kingdom Hearts games.  Putting you into the shoes of one of three characters.  Terra, Ventus, or Aqua.  In the beginning of the game, you can choose one of the three characters.  Each one with slightly different styles.  You play through the entire story with this one character, until you finish it and then start the story with the next character.  While you replay all the same levels, many of the story elements and map areas, as well as boss fights are different for each story.  So while replaying the levels can get kind of tedious, there are definite changes for each characters story.  In fact, the final bosses you face for each story are different as well.  The one problem with this system is the fact that its annoying that once you beat a story and have all these great techniques to use, you have to start all over again without any of them.  One interesting feature is that this game supports multiplayer, and while not as interesting as 358/2, it allows you to play a board game with friends, a racing mini game, or take on arena missions or fight against each other and finally determine who is the true keyblade master!

I will say one thing about this game though if you haven’t played it.  The other Kingdom Hearts games you could get through without too much of a challenge except for a few fights.  This game is the hardest Kingdom Hearts game in the series.  When the first boss cannot be beaten before some serious level grinding, there is a problem.  When you can’t beat the 4th or 5th arena mission without co-op because the bosses rape you so fucking hard that your ass is just gone.  There are bosses that pursue you relentlessly, and as soon as you try to even dodge roll, they do so much damage, your health is already in the red.  But one thing added to this game to make it slightly easier is the new abilities system.  Now, for the controls, you attack with X, jump with O, block and Dodge with [].  All returning controls from the rest of the series.  What is new is that you can put commands into a set number or blocks and use them by scrolling down with the d pad and hitting Triangle.  This allows you to throw out moves on the fly without having to select them, and these moves are much better than  just magic.  You can use magic, special physical attacks, or even giant attacks which take up 2 command blocks instead of 1.  You can level these abilities up and then combine them with others to make new abilities until after a tower of abilities, you now have some crazy ass attacks which can clear the screen in seconds.  It is one of my favorite combat systems, by far.  In fact, I’ll say it, besides the camera being wonky every once in a while.  I love these controls.

Lastly, I am going to talk about the graphics and sound.  I’ve already said that story is good, the combat is fun and hard, and the controls are great.  One thing that really makes this a Kingdom Hearts game is the music and graphics.  The first thing you’ll notice when you turn on the PSP is that , holy shit! These are PS2 graphics!  This game is beautiful, I was so amazed that I could play this on a handheld.  It was amazing.  The sound is also, while not as classic as the original games, is still pretty beautiful. So this game is pretty great, in almost all aspects.  What I don’t understand is how critics give it the scores they get, for no real reasons.  So i’m giving this game I feel it deserves.  Is it perfect, no, but is it one of the best PSP games ever made and quite frankly just a damn good game.  Yes,

This game gets a 9/ When will the next actual game in the series come out/10.

I got no smarmy comment for this one.

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Worst Video Game Sequel #1

Okay, first once again, I apologize for the break that I took.  No one cares, but I’ve been busy with work and what not.  But now onto the moment where I crown the worst video game sequel of all time.  Remember what my qualifications were, worst means that they took a series great game and for the 2nd in the series, changed so much and altered so much, that it was no longer the greatness it originally was.  My point being is that I’m not necessarily calling the game bad.  In fact the worst sequel I have on the list, is actually fun.  It’s just such a downer from the original game that it belongs in this spot.  Whether you agree or not, I don’t care about.

The worst video game sequel of all time, is none other than “Zelda II: the Adventures of Link.”  If you’ve played this game, you probably understand exactly what it is that I’m talking about.  This game is fun and a Zelda game so you’re thinking, but how is it the worst sequel?  It’s because the original Legend of Zelda, was the fucking mac daddy of games.  This game defined a genre and set up one of the biggest and most successful video game franchises of all time.  It was the original awesome adventure game where even though it was hard and you didn’t know where anything was, it was still super fun.  Exploring the entire world and finding the dungeons just to crawl through and emerge victorious with a new item.  This is one of the most influential and satisfying games of all time.  Now, here is where we delve into the problems of the second game.

First off and foremost, everyone remembers how in this game, it’s a side scroller.  This is weird just based on the fact that the entire first game was top down isometric view and now, you saw only his side as you couldn’t even avoid enemies.  Second to change up the formula, was the level up system in which Link could gain exp and level up.  Do you know why that has not been in any other Zelda games since then…cause it was fucking AWFULL!  Zelda is not a game that goes well with leveling up.  Sure you get a new heart container, but you don’t grind in a Zelda game.  Even the combat in this game was weird though so I can’t be surprised about that.  The combat is sword and shield style fighting, trying to block attacks and land your own gets realllllllly difficult when fighting and enemy can take what seems like 5 minutes.  I don’t mean a boss fight for 5 minutes, I mean a normal boring enemy for 5 minutes.  It sucks, plain and simple.  The combat wasn’t all bad though and it was actually kinda fun.  Another change they added to the game and to other subsequent Zelda games was the use of magic.  While magic in later games is used a sensible matter, this game just said fuck it.  Some spells are really useful, but you find yourself most of the time, just hoping you have enough magic to go fairy and fly over everything in the level, because you no longer give a shit…at all! Really though, its the difficulty that makes you want to kill yourself in this game.  What I mean by that is the fact that the game starts out acceptable, then all of a sudden the game tries to gang rape you with multiple dinosaur dicks.  It gets unrelenting.  Shit flying everywhere and all enemies able to kill you at the drop of a hat.  The final boss too is almost impossible to beat without the cheating method.  Also, something really annoying, the entire world map is in the top down view and when you run into a blob, you kill enemies or just get out of the screen, but it’s how you travel the world.  Now imagine your really far through this outer world when you die.  Guess what happens, do you start again or how bout in the last dungeon you where in.  No, game over means you start from the beginning area where Zelda’s taking a nap.  This game is fun and if you haven’t played it try it.  But they point I’m making about this game is the fact that this game took something everyone loved and I mean everyone, and then just threw it all out the window for something entirely less fun and entertaining.  In no means a bad game, but a huge disappointment for a sequel.  In fact, the biggest disappointment of all time.

If you saw this game and didn't know it, you wouldn't think this was Zelda.

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Top 10 Best Video Game Sequels #2

I apologize for the lack of posts for the longest time.  I’ve been busy with work and friends, and quite frankly just a lazy fuck.  But I will finish the list, because no one’s asking for it, but I might as well post it.  Now, for the #2 slot of awesome games that are sequel that improved so much upon its predecessor and made us just shit our pants with awesomeness, which is a metaphor for shit.

This game is familiar with just about everyone.  If you had a childhood anytime in the last 10 years, you have played this game.  And even if you didn’t play it, you probably know what it is.  It’s an icon in the gaming world and truly introduced the world, to the greatness of HADOKEN!!!!!  That’s right everyone Street Figther 2.  I am aware that there are about 14 versions of this game, but I’m going to pretend that they are the same for the most part.  Sure New Challengers added to characters and turbo increased the speed, but it’s essentially the same game.  Most people have never even heard of the original game, because it’s not called Street Fighter, it’s called Fighting Street.  It is one of the first fighting games ever made that really allowed 2d 1 on 1 fights.  And you were given two a controller stick and two big buttons, one for punches and one for kicks, the harder you pushed the button, would determine the strength of the attack.  Sure it had flaws, special moves were hard to pull off and the pushing the button harder led to random results, but it was a good solid starting place.  A rock from which the greatness that is Street Fighter 2 would be built.

Street Fighter 2 was great for a few reasons, first and foremost, it was a fighting game that anyone who had never even picked up a controller could play.  This led to people renting the game, having friends over and playing all night.  Alllll nighttt!!  It was too fun to put down, and when one friend figured out how to throw hadokens, oh, the shit that went down.  But then other great aspect of the game, was that it was so deep.  You may not believe me, but this game is still played competitively in tournaments around the world.  It is still hype!  This game started out with the characters, Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Zangief, Sagat, Balrog, Vega, E. Honda, Blanka, M. Bison, T. Hawk, Guile, Dee Jay, Dhalsim.  And later Cammy and Fei Long were added.  This game is super fun still and is such an improvement from the first in that it revolutionized fighters and Cemented Capcom as a fighting God.  Street Fighter 4 was one of the most popular games of 2009.  The reason this game gets the 2nd spot is improved graphics, improved sound, improved controls that allow anyone to pull of special moves, and the most fun gameplay to ever grace a fighting game.  Also, I want to mention Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 was a contender for this list, which just goes to show you how great Capcom is.  So, for all you fighting fans, just try not to play your copy of Street Fighter 2 after reading this!

What the fuck, i thought this was a street fight, you used some fucking magic!

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Top 5 Worst Sequels: #2

If you’ve ever seen the Angry Video Game Nerd videos on gametrailers Screw Attack, this game shouldn’t be that big of a surprise.  If you’ve ever played Castlevania 2: Simon’s Quest, you know exactly what I’m talking about.  The original Castlevania game was amazing on the NES.  When the sequel was released, so many people were excited to play this game.   A sequel to a great platformer that is so fond to so many people.  Doesn’t change the fact though that the game was impossibly hard, but the sequel was just such a change from the first, that people were shocked.

When most people remember this game, it’s a tale of a few things.  One of which is the ever classic random things you just shouldn’t know about.  In fact, to figure out, you need to have read some gamefaqs.  Such as the random ledge you need to duck down on while you have the red orb equipped in order to have the tornado come and pick you up after waiting.  Who thinks of this stuff.  Another example is when you need to go down a water area.  You would guess that maybe you’d need to equip the blue orb to go underwater, that’s not that big of a stretch, but then you still die if you drop in the water.  So what do you have to do, you have to kneel down by the water with the blue orb equipped and wait for the screen to move down before you can go into the water.  It’s things like this that turn a game that is still pretty fun, into a game that is just difficult for reasons it shouldn’t be for.  And again referring to AVGN, does everyone remember how in the first Castlevania, the fight with Death was amazing and intense and was a memorable fight.  Well, as AVGN shows, you can literally just walk from one end of the screen to the other, and just entirely skip the fight.  In every Castlevania game made, the fight with Death is extremely difficult and fun.  But they just don’t have it.  And people will complain, “but it’s still a good game..mehh, i’m a little bitch”.  Here’s the deal, it is a good game, and it’s in no means bad.  But once again, it was taking a game that is so good, and then just having the sequel be such a dramatic change, not for the positive.  The first game was great, and this game was only really good.  Plus, you throw oak stakes at random orbs.  It did have it’s positive qualities, it departed from a linear gameplay which is very popular and the style of castlevania’s now.  Plus, the random things people say that have absolutley nothing to do with the game are really amusing.  You might be like “the fuck he said?” at the time, later, it’s all pretty funny.  Overall, not a terrible game, but as a sequel, you suck.

This is even known as one of the worst Nintendo Power Covers ever

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Toy Story 3: What, Pixar made an Amazing Movie?! (read sarcastically)

Okay, if you haven’t already seen it, go watch Toy Story 3.  I’m telling you this before I tell you anything about the movie for one reason and one reason only.  Pixar made it, and you can disagree with me, but I don’t think Pixar has ever made a bad movie.  They’ve made a few okay, but never bad.  I can say I was skeptical when this movie was announced.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Toy Story, but the 2nd one really wasn’t the best, and it was okay.  Overall though, It was probably Pixar’s biggest letdown.  But put you’re troubles to rest, because when rotten tomatoes gives  a movie a 100% ranking, They probably spiked some serious punch.

The movie starts out in probably my favorite opening scene in a while.  If you remember back to the first Toy Story movie and Andy playing with his toys, he mentions how slinky is a forcefield dog, and how Rex is a forcefield eating dinosaur.  Well they have an entire animated and extremely entertaining scene of the toys actually doing all these things and being beautifully animated.  Then it segues from that scene to Andy getting ready for college.  If you haven’t heard the plot of this movie in a nutshell yet, it’s this.  Andy is leaving for college and his few toys left are sad because they don’t know what the hell is going to happen to them.  When Andy is cleaning his room and deciding what to do with his toys, he puts Woody in his college stuff box and puts everyone else in a trash bag to bring to the attic.  His mom mistakes the bag for trash though and puts it on the curb.  The toys escape to the car and think that Andy tried to throw them away, so they want to go to the daycare and be toys for new little kids forever.  Woody keeps trying to convince them to leave, but all the toys there seem so friendly, including the mayor, a giant pink teddy bear who smells like strawberry’s and a Ken doll who falls in love with the Barbie doll from Andy’s house.  Woody goes into a little girls backpack to get to Andy’s house.  When the bear shows the new toys to a different room for their positions, it turns out it is the toddler room and they destroy toys.  Buzz Lightyear goes to request a room change, but the Bear doesn’t like the new toys, and is seen to be a mafia head figure.  He ties up buzz and resets him and has him arrest and capture Andy’s other toys.  In the mean time, at the little girls house, Woody learns that the nice bear is really evil and learns of his past.  He goes back to the daycare to rescue the toys.  In the process of escaping, Buzz is re-reset, but this time in Spanish.  As the toys escape, they fall into the garbage bin along with the Bear.  At the dump, they fight their way out of the trash destroyer machine.  They made that fucker look vicious.  Eventually, they all make it back to Andy’s and Woody decides that he’d rather be with everyone then be with Andy, and Andy realizes that someone else should enjoy his childhood.  So the little girl that Woody went home with is given all of Any’s toys and he sits down and plays with them with her one last time.

I know I basically just gave away the whole movie, but that’s okay.  This movie really is though my favorite of the trilogy.  It was a great way to end the series and was enjoyable all the way through.  If you have the time, and money(holy fuckberries, $15 3-D tickets!) watch this movie.  You will not regret it.  Toy Story 3 gets 10/Sr. Lightyear’s/10.  P.S. I’ll be back soon to finish off the list.  This was just a detour.

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Top Ten Best Sequels #3

As we’re nearing the top of the list, I would like to thank people who still actually read this blog.  It’s not many people but if I change anyone’s perceptions on anything or you find my ideas interesting, then my job is done.  But for now, the bronze medal for best video game sequel is….Assassins Creed 2.  If you think about it though, you really shouldn’t be surprised.  This game won XBox game of the year in 2009 for a reason.  When people talk about great games, they are usually only well known by people who consider themselves gamers.  My roomate in college lives on a farm and he plays roller coaster tycoon and Call of Duty4, and that’s it.  I’m not saying they’re bad games, but that is all he plays.  So when he saw me playing this game and said “Oh shit, this game looks really cool,” and then sat down and played it for 5 hours straight; this is the signal that you have found a great game that everyone wants to and needs to play.  But just being an awesome game doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you get on this list.  What this game did though is make me remember what a sequel should be, taking a great game and not changing everything, but listening to the critiques and trying to tailor the game to fix all these problems.

Most people remember the first Assassins Creed, because it was the Medieval GTA.  You could run around the city, kill random people, stab guards, pick pockets, but the biggest  breakthrough in gameplay was roof running.  Sure it had been done before, but not like this.  You are given an open city and you have the ability to with a continuous stream of running and not stopping to get from one end of the city to the other without ever touching the streets below.  It was so fucking great and that is what people remember about the game, and the stealth assassinations, because jumping off a roof and knifing someone in the neck….priceless.  But people also remember that the missions got stale, combat could get tedious, and enemies were the same.  Altair would also die if you so much as touched a puddle, and in my opinion, the open world outside of the towns was much too large.  It was kind of absurdly large.  Sure you only had to go there when you first wanted to go to a town, but either way, there were 150 templar flags to find in the area, and it would have taken you weeks to find them all because the area was so big.  We told Ubisoft these problems, and they listened.

Assassins Creed 2 is the hallmark of taking a great game and just improving.  The diversity of enemies, from archers and soliders to big ass mother fuckers with axes and pike men all of which you could now disarm and kill with their own weapons.  They also spiced up the combat with the inclusion of even more weapons, like the sword, knife, smoke bombs, gun, throwing knife, double assassination knives and poison knife.  So many ways to kill everybody, YAY!!! They listened about the missions allowing Ezio to do plenty of crazy new activities and having tons of side fun missions.  One of my favorite tasks was escorting the carriage all the way to Venice by steering down the mountain slope and trying to shake off soldiers, which was very difficult but a could way to mix up the game play.  There was not really a huge god forsaken fuckhole of an location hub now.  Instead it was just that certain roads let to certain towns and if you’re area didn’t lead to where you wanted to go, just fast travel to it.  They finally also gave Ezio the power to swim, cause really, what kind of Assassin can’t swim.  The story was also vastly improved throwing in a lot of fun effects and twists.  I mean, shit, the final boss fight is a fist fight with the Pope, and you know what, yeah I did throw the Pope to the ground and stomp him in the nuts, cause that’s how I roll.  But in all seriousness, if you haven’t played this game, pick it up.  You will not be disappointed, I can guarantee it.  Besides, Assassins Creed Brotherhood will be coming out soon.  Best pick it up Son.

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Top 10 Best Sequels #4

Okay, so many people may not agree with my decision for my spot, but that’s because they’re wrong.  Number four on this list is No More Heroes 2.  One thing about this game that sets it apart from so many other games, is the fact that it’s for the Wii.  I’m not saying that there aren’t any games for the Wii, but it’s slim pickings.  This game however is so full of personality and fun, that if you haven’t tried it, you need to pick up a copy.  You start a few years after the end of the first game as Travis Touchdown, a man who worked his way into the #1 assassins spot and then just vanished.  Years later after someone murders your best friend, you want some revenge and as Travis so eloquently puts it “it’s a motherfucking war!”  Using your trusty beam katana ( a light saber that somehow is able to give a body more blood to shoot out) you hack your way up from rank #50.  You skip some slots here and there, but the fighting is top notch and the style is unique.  This game is very “punk” inspired and has a unique feel and art style.  What makes this game great is so many aspects, the story is fun and funny without ever being to serious.  The combat is top notch allowing you to switch weapons, do combos and pull of crazy wrestling moves all with the Wii mote capabilities.  I mean shit, the Wii motes are some terrible controllers, but the game has great controls, I don’t know how they pulled it off.  One thing back in this game from the first is the ability to mess with your wardrobe which allows you to express you crazy style with wardrobe ranging from skull shirts to hot pink anime shirts.  New though are some of the minigames.  They had them in the first one, do some random chore and then kill a bunch of people to make money.  Now, the minigames are all done in 8 bit renditions of the job.  The games are much more fun and still in are the killing jobs, cause killing never gets old.  What makes this game better than the original though which was phenomenal, is even though it is fanservice, you can play as Henrey, Travis’s brother and Shinobu, the samurai girl you didn’t kill in the first one.  Add to this a fun story, crazy difficult but rewarding boss fights, replacing driving around the city with just a point and click to go somewhere, and not making you pay for the fights anymore, but allowing you to do them whenever you feel like it.  It’s a great game that deserves much more respect than many people gave it.  If you have time, and a Wii, pick this up, because it is a gem hidden in a console surrounded by shit.  So go ahead, and drop a nice save.

"If I get to #1, then you'll do me?"

I just found this and thought it was hilarious

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