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Top Video Game Sequel #1

Okay, I’m aware that list has taken wayyyy to long to make and I chock that one up to my fault.  Giving as I don’t really give a shit about that though, lets continue.  This last entry should probably be a surprise to no one.  It one game of the year from multiple groups and is one of the best looking and most fun games of all time.  It is none other, then Cooking Mama 2.  Haha, that game sucks.  No Seriously, it’s Uncharted 2.

Most people never played the first game, well, let me tell you, if you haven’t, go out and play it.  Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune was one of those gems of a game.  No one really knew about it, but if you played it, you instantly loved it.  Coming off its success with Crash Bandicoot in the playstation generation and then the very successful Jak games from the PS2 generations.  Naughty Dog told everyone to shut the fuck up with Uncharted.  Even though it’s kinda  a closet game, it won IGN’s PS3 game of the year the year it was released.  Uncharted was beautiful and the story was engaging.  The gameplay which combines a third person perspective shooter and great platforming.  The game follows treasure hunter Nathan Drake going after the treasure of his long lost ancestor the pirate Drake.  He is followed around by a lady documentary maker as they have to hide from and fight off rival treasure hunters, including your friend who betrayed you.

This is where Uncharted 2 comes in.  If you’ve never seen this game, you need to view the graphics.  In the first game, it got critical acclaim for the water graphics when you’d jump into the water, the water would ripple and your clothes would become soaked with the water.  Well this effect is back along with it’s new snow feature.  Snow has never been so beautifully rendered.  As you walk through snow, it would pile up along your legs and build small snow banks where you walk.  The gameplay has just gotten better, more awesome platforming and awesome gameplay.  I won’t talk much about the story because it’s so engaging that you need to experience it for yourself.  I will say that this time around, it centers around Marco Polo and his journey to China.  I will also say that watching this game even during play is almost like watching a movie.  One huge new feature added to this game however is it’s multiplayer.  The original didn’t have it, but in this game, they have full on huge matches of thieves squaring off against each other with all weapons, shields, rolling through caves.  They were able to bring essentially the entire game to online multiplayer.  Kudos to Naughty Dog on this.  I can’t describe how good this game is.  It’s just hard to put it into words.  Lets just say that I put a lot of thought into this list.  And I have no doubt that this game is #1.

Seriously, here is the box art, now go get this game


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