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Worst Video Game Sequel #1

Okay, first once again, I apologize for the break that I took.  No one cares, but I’ve been busy with work and what not.  But now onto the moment where I crown the worst video game sequel of all time.  Remember what my qualifications were, worst means that they took a series great game and for the 2nd in the series, changed so much and altered so much, that it was no longer the greatness it originally was.  My point being is that I’m not necessarily calling the game bad.  In fact the worst sequel I have on the list, is actually fun.  It’s just such a downer from the original game that it belongs in this spot.  Whether you agree or not, I don’t care about.

The worst video game sequel of all time, is none other than “Zelda II: the Adventures of Link.”  If you’ve played this game, you probably understand exactly what it is that I’m talking about.  This game is fun and a Zelda game so you’re thinking, but how is it the worst sequel?  It’s because the original Legend of Zelda, was the fucking mac daddy of games.  This game defined a genre and set up one of the biggest and most successful video game franchises of all time.  It was the original awesome adventure game where even though it was hard and you didn’t know where anything was, it was still super fun.  Exploring the entire world and finding the dungeons just to crawl through and emerge victorious with a new item.  This is one of the most influential and satisfying games of all time.  Now, here is where we delve into the problems of the second game.

First off and foremost, everyone remembers how in this game, it’s a side scroller.  This is weird just based on the fact that the entire first game was top down isometric view and now, you saw only his side as you couldn’t even avoid enemies.  Second to change up the formula, was the level up system in which Link could gain exp and level up.  Do you know why that has not been in any other Zelda games since then…cause it was fucking AWFULL!  Zelda is not a game that goes well with leveling up.  Sure you get a new heart container, but you don’t grind in a Zelda game.  Even the combat in this game was weird though so I can’t be surprised about that.  The combat is sword and shield style fighting, trying to block attacks and land your own gets realllllllly difficult when fighting and enemy can take what seems like 5 minutes.  I don’t mean a boss fight for 5 minutes, I mean a normal boring enemy for 5 minutes.  It sucks, plain and simple.  The combat wasn’t all bad though and it was actually kinda fun.  Another change they added to the game and to other subsequent Zelda games was the use of magic.  While magic in later games is used a sensible matter, this game just said fuck it.  Some spells are really useful, but you find yourself most of the time, just hoping you have enough magic to go fairy and fly over everything in the level, because you no longer give a shit…at all! Really though, its the difficulty that makes you want to kill yourself in this game.  What I mean by that is the fact that the game starts out acceptable, then all of a sudden the game tries to gang rape you with multiple dinosaur dicks.  It gets unrelenting.  Shit flying everywhere and all enemies able to kill you at the drop of a hat.  The final boss too is almost impossible to beat without the cheating method.  Also, something really annoying, the entire world map is in the top down view and when you run into a blob, you kill enemies or just get out of the screen, but it’s how you travel the world.  Now imagine your really far through this outer world when you die.  Guess what happens, do you start again or how bout in the last dungeon you where in.  No, game over means you start from the beginning area where Zelda’s taking a nap.  This game is fun and if you haven’t played it try it.  But they point I’m making about this game is the fact that this game took something everyone loved and I mean everyone, and then just threw it all out the window for something entirely less fun and entertaining.  In no means a bad game, but a huge disappointment for a sequel.  In fact, the biggest disappointment of all time.

If you saw this game and didn't know it, you wouldn't think this was Zelda.


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