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Top 5 Worst Sequels: #2

If you’ve ever seen the Angry Video Game Nerd videos on gametrailers Screw Attack, this game shouldn’t be that big of a surprise.  If you’ve ever played Castlevania 2: Simon’s Quest, you know exactly what I’m talking about.  The original Castlevania game was amazing on the NES.  When the sequel was released, so many people were excited to play this game.   A sequel to a great platformer that is so fond to so many people.  Doesn’t change the fact though that the game was impossibly hard, but the sequel was just such a change from the first, that people were shocked.

When most people remember this game, it’s a tale of a few things.  One of which is the ever classic random things you just shouldn’t know about.  In fact, to figure out, you need to have read some gamefaqs.  Such as the random ledge you need to duck down on while you have the red orb equipped in order to have the tornado come and pick you up after waiting.  Who thinks of this stuff.  Another example is when you need to go down a water area.  You would guess that maybe you’d need to equip the blue orb to go underwater, that’s not that big of a stretch, but then you still die if you drop in the water.  So what do you have to do, you have to kneel down by the water with the blue orb equipped and wait for the screen to move down before you can go into the water.  It’s things like this that turn a game that is still pretty fun, into a game that is just difficult for reasons it shouldn’t be for.  And again referring to AVGN, does everyone remember how in the first Castlevania, the fight with Death was amazing and intense and was a memorable fight.  Well, as AVGN shows, you can literally just walk from one end of the screen to the other, and just entirely skip the fight.  In every Castlevania game made, the fight with Death is extremely difficult and fun.  But they just don’t have it.  And people will complain, “but it’s still a good game..mehh, i’m a little bitch”.  Here’s the deal, it is a good game, and it’s in no means bad.  But once again, it was taking a game that is so good, and then just having the sequel be such a dramatic change, not for the positive.  The first game was great, and this game was only really good.  Plus, you throw oak stakes at random orbs.  It did have it’s positive qualities, it departed from a linear gameplay which is very popular and the style of castlevania’s now.  Plus, the random things people say that have absolutley nothing to do with the game are really amusing.  You might be like “the fuck he said?” at the time, later, it’s all pretty funny.  Overall, not a terrible game, but as a sequel, you suck.

This is even known as one of the worst Nintendo Power Covers ever


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Toy Story 3: What, Pixar made an Amazing Movie?! (read sarcastically)

Okay, if you haven’t already seen it, go watch Toy Story 3.  I’m telling you this before I tell you anything about the movie for one reason and one reason only.  Pixar made it, and you can disagree with me, but I don’t think Pixar has ever made a bad movie.  They’ve made a few okay, but never bad.  I can say I was skeptical when this movie was announced.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Toy Story, but the 2nd one really wasn’t the best, and it was okay.  Overall though, It was probably Pixar’s biggest letdown.  But put you’re troubles to rest, because when rotten tomatoes gives  a movie a 100% ranking, They probably spiked some serious punch.

The movie starts out in probably my favorite opening scene in a while.  If you remember back to the first Toy Story movie and Andy playing with his toys, he mentions how slinky is a forcefield dog, and how Rex is a forcefield eating dinosaur.  Well they have an entire animated and extremely entertaining scene of the toys actually doing all these things and being beautifully animated.  Then it segues from that scene to Andy getting ready for college.  If you haven’t heard the plot of this movie in a nutshell yet, it’s this.  Andy is leaving for college and his few toys left are sad because they don’t know what the hell is going to happen to them.  When Andy is cleaning his room and deciding what to do with his toys, he puts Woody in his college stuff box and puts everyone else in a trash bag to bring to the attic.  His mom mistakes the bag for trash though and puts it on the curb.  The toys escape to the car and think that Andy tried to throw them away, so they want to go to the daycare and be toys for new little kids forever.  Woody keeps trying to convince them to leave, but all the toys there seem so friendly, including the mayor, a giant pink teddy bear who smells like strawberry’s and a Ken doll who falls in love with the Barbie doll from Andy’s house.  Woody goes into a little girls backpack to get to Andy’s house.  When the bear shows the new toys to a different room for their positions, it turns out it is the toddler room and they destroy toys.  Buzz Lightyear goes to request a room change, but the Bear doesn’t like the new toys, and is seen to be a mafia head figure.  He ties up buzz and resets him and has him arrest and capture Andy’s other toys.  In the mean time, at the little girls house, Woody learns that the nice bear is really evil and learns of his past.  He goes back to the daycare to rescue the toys.  In the process of escaping, Buzz is re-reset, but this time in Spanish.  As the toys escape, they fall into the garbage bin along with the Bear.  At the dump, they fight their way out of the trash destroyer machine.  They made that fucker look vicious.  Eventually, they all make it back to Andy’s and Woody decides that he’d rather be with everyone then be with Andy, and Andy realizes that someone else should enjoy his childhood.  So the little girl that Woody went home with is given all of Any’s toys and he sits down and plays with them with her one last time.

I know I basically just gave away the whole movie, but that’s okay.  This movie really is though my favorite of the trilogy.  It was a great way to end the series and was enjoyable all the way through.  If you have the time, and money(holy fuckberries, $15 3-D tickets!) watch this movie.  You will not regret it.  Toy Story 3 gets 10/Sr. Lightyear’s/10.  P.S. I’ll be back soon to finish off the list.  This was just a detour.

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