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Top 5 Worst Sequels: #3

So, when people think of Mario, they think of great things.  Super Mario Bros. 3, the original super mario bros, Super Mario Galaxy.  Good happy thoughts, but there are a few black sheep.  The biggest one though is Super Mario Bros. 2.  Why is this game so bad? It’s because this game isn’t a Mario game, it’s some fucking retarded Aladdin game.  People wanted Mario, so Nintendo said, okay, fuck it!  Lets just put some color in this game to give him red shirt and blue overalls.  Since when did Mario ever throw radishes, it doesn’t even make sense.  There are no goombas or koopas, you can play as Peach?  What shit is this? It’s not even that it’s the worst platformer ever, it’s really not even that bad.  It’s just that they made a mockery of Mario and made a game that was labeled Mario and was a game that has no relation to any other Mario game ever.  Hell, what kind of villain is Wart, he’s a frog who is killed by vegetables.  What is he? Some kinda 4 year old faggot who’s afraid of his broccoli.  Man, fuck this bullshit game.

Watch out, I might throw purple vegetables at you?


May 10, 2010 - Posted by | Video Games

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