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Top Ten Best Sequels #5

So many people really won’t be surprised at all actually when I bring up this game.  In fact, if you haven’t already guessed this game would be on the list, you are certainly retarded.  Half Life 2.  This game is the motherfucking king of PC games and was even gifted to console gamers on the orange box, because everyone needed to play this game.  This game may not have multiplayer, but as a shooter, it is the top of the top.   This game came out years ago, and it still is one of the most fun and addicting shooters of all times.  You will never find a more fun gun to play with than the gravity gun.  Picking up fuel canisters and watching shit just blow up and flames fly everywhere.  Or picking up saw blades and literally cutting down hordes of enemies in front of you.  Hell, later, you can even pick up people with the gravity gun and just send those fuckers flying back to whence they came.  The reason this is on the list, is because if you’ve ever played the original, it is a very fun game.  A very fun game, but the sequel just said, fuck this shit, lets make this game so ramped up from the original its butt fuck retarded.  If you haven’t played this game, you really should.  No, if you haven’t played this game, you’re not allowed to call yourself a gamer, it’s for every system goddammit.  This game most definitely deserves this spot on the list.

Yeah, that kinda says it all.


May 1, 2010 - Posted by | Video Games

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  1. Fuck yeah! You couldn’t have said it better bro. This shit is so sick, will play ALL DAY. Must be one of most innovative games of all times!

    Comment by Matt Plansky | May 20, 2010 | Reply

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