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Top 10 Best Sequels #4

Okay, so many people may not agree with my decision for my spot, but that’s because they’re wrong.  Number four on this list is No More Heroes 2.  One thing about this game that sets it apart from so many other games, is the fact that it’s for the Wii.  I’m not saying that there aren’t any games for the Wii, but it’s slim pickings.  This game however is so full of personality and fun, that if you haven’t tried it, you need to pick up a copy.  You start a few years after the end of the first game as Travis Touchdown, a man who worked his way into the #1 assassins spot and then just vanished.  Years later after someone murders your best friend, you want some revenge and as Travis so eloquently puts it “it’s a motherfucking war!”  Using your trusty beam katana ( a light saber that somehow is able to give a body more blood to shoot out) you hack your way up from rank #50.  You skip some slots here and there, but the fighting is top notch and the style is unique.  This game is very “punk” inspired and has a unique feel and art style.  What makes this game great is so many aspects, the story is fun and funny without ever being to serious.  The combat is top notch allowing you to switch weapons, do combos and pull of crazy wrestling moves all with the Wii mote capabilities.  I mean shit, the Wii motes are some terrible controllers, but the game has great controls, I don’t know how they pulled it off.  One thing back in this game from the first is the ability to mess with your wardrobe which allows you to express you crazy style with wardrobe ranging from skull shirts to hot pink anime shirts.  New though are some of the minigames.  They had them in the first one, do some random chore and then kill a bunch of people to make money.  Now, the minigames are all done in 8 bit renditions of the job.  The games are much more fun and still in are the killing jobs, cause killing never gets old.  What makes this game better than the original though which was phenomenal, is even though it is fanservice, you can play as Henrey, Travis’s brother and Shinobu, the samurai girl you didn’t kill in the first one.  Add to this a fun story, crazy difficult but rewarding boss fights, replacing driving around the city with just a point and click to go somewhere, and not making you pay for the fights anymore, but allowing you to do them whenever you feel like it.  It’s a great game that deserves much more respect than many people gave it.  If you have time, and a Wii, pick this up, because it is a gem hidden in a console surrounded by shit.  So go ahead, and drop a nice save.

"If I get to #1, then you'll do me?"

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Okay, so I received many comments about my blog entries, and here is my response.  I don’t care what you people think about my blog.  I have opinions and yes, I curse because sometimes, I feel it very necessary.  Now, some of your comments make sense and am taking them into consideration.  I will try to talk more about the substance of a game as opposed to just saying things.  That will be worked on, and as for my language, I can say whatever I want, when I want.  If you have the time to sit down and type a response to my blog complaining about my language, you really need to get a life.  I do this blog for fun and because I can.  I’m not making money, and I don’t care who reads it.  My real point is that I want to say things.  If you care so much about these things, than go out and author your own blog, it’s really freaking easy.

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Top 5 Worst Sequels: #3

So, when people think of Mario, they think of great things.  Super Mario Bros. 3, the original super mario bros, Super Mario Galaxy.  Good happy thoughts, but there are a few black sheep.  The biggest one though is Super Mario Bros. 2.  Why is this game so bad? It’s because this game isn’t a Mario game, it’s some fucking retarded Aladdin game.  People wanted Mario, so Nintendo said, okay, fuck it!  Lets just put some color in this game to give him red shirt and blue overalls.  Since when did Mario ever throw radishes, it doesn’t even make sense.  There are no goombas or koopas, you can play as Peach?  What shit is this? It’s not even that it’s the worst platformer ever, it’s really not even that bad.  It’s just that they made a mockery of Mario and made a game that was labeled Mario and was a game that has no relation to any other Mario game ever.  Hell, what kind of villain is Wart, he’s a frog who is killed by vegetables.  What is he? Some kinda 4 year old faggot who’s afraid of his broccoli.  Man, fuck this bullshit game.

Watch out, I might throw purple vegetables at you?

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Top Ten Best Sequels #5

So many people really won’t be surprised at all actually when I bring up this game.  In fact, if you haven’t already guessed this game would be on the list, you are certainly retarded.  Half Life 2.  This game is the motherfucking king of PC games and was even gifted to console gamers on the orange box, because everyone needed to play this game.  This game may not have multiplayer, but as a shooter, it is the top of the top.   This game came out years ago, and it still is one of the most fun and addicting shooters of all times.  You will never find a more fun gun to play with than the gravity gun.  Picking up fuel canisters and watching shit just blow up and flames fly everywhere.  Or picking up saw blades and literally cutting down hordes of enemies in front of you.  Hell, later, you can even pick up people with the gravity gun and just send those fuckers flying back to whence they came.  The reason this is on the list, is because if you’ve ever played the original, it is a very fun game.  A very fun game, but the sequel just said, fuck this shit, lets make this game so ramped up from the original its butt fuck retarded.  If you haven’t played this game, you really should.  No, if you haven’t played this game, you’re not allowed to call yourself a gamer, it’s for every system goddammit.  This game most definitely deserves this spot on the list.

Yeah, that kinda says it all.

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