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Top 10 Best Sequels #6

Killzone 2.  If you never played this game, you really do need to pick this up.  First off, most people remember the Killzone world essentially because you fought horrible Nazi ripoffs and it was the Playstation’s attempt at competing with the Xbox and Halo.  Most people also remember or really, not remember it, because it failed to compete.  But years later, the developers decided to give the world another go.  If you haven’t seen Killzone 2’s graphics by now, or heard them talk about, you must be Hellen Keller.  When Killzone 2 came out, it was praised for having the best graphics to date for a game.  I mean, this game was brilliant and fucking gorgeous.  The think that surprised most people about this game though, is that they didn’t just focus entirely on graphics for this game; the gameplay itself was amazing and extremely addicting.  You’d find yourself squeezing your controller hands sweating over certain parts of this game.  This game went from an obscurity from the first to a bonafide hit with the second.  It was also nice because most people think of firing under cover, you think of Gears of War, but here they managed to combine the cover system with first person shooter action and halo speed gameplay.  This was called by many reviewers the best shooter of all time.  There is a reason Killzone 2 is on the list, because the sequel was just that good.

Well, looks like the Helghast also like the poison gas chambers.


April 25, 2010 - Posted by | Video Games

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