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Top 10 Best Sequels #7

So, I know for a fact that most people will not agree with me on this point; but you can go suck off Richard Simmons.  For #7, I pick Kingdom Hearts 2.  Now, here is the reason why.  Everyone remembers Kingdom Hearts, because it was a huge fucking hit.  An RPG game that non hardcore gamers liked to play.  Hack and slash, with fun disney characters and puzzles throughout, the original Kingdom Hearts was a great game.  But here is why the second one was even better.  First off, the story, while much more confusing, is also much more in depth.  There are plot twists and cool characters, crazy awesome villains and fun heroes who assisted you.  While many people complain about the story being too complicated, they are so fucking retarded.  It was not really a complicated story at all, you just now had to have an IQ about 25 to understand it.  Many people also complained about how the levels were much to linear and you didn’t really have the need to go back to places.  I agree, that this could have used more spice, but there were so many fucking worlds.  They also improved the gummi ship mechanic, making it a fun mini game as opposed to an obnoxious way to travel places.  But the biggest and best change to the game, was the battle system.  For one thing, Sora could now use drives, which made him such a BAMF.  Oh no, there are too many enemies, oh wait, Final Drive, Flying around with two independently moving keyblades; SOOOOO COOOOL.  Also, the reaction commands really provided a sense of gameplay that was missing from the first.  Now, you couldn’t just hack and slash your way through everything, you had to keep watching for the triangle flash, and pull off some crazy moves to destroy your enemies.  Plus, for gods sake, they have you fight a 1000 enemy melee.  It doesn’t get much more epic than that.  That is why Kingdom Hearts 2 is on this list.  It took a fucking awesome game and improved so many aspects of it, to make it even more enjoyable.



April 17, 2010 - Posted by | Video Games

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