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Top 10 Best Sequels #8 SpiderMan 2

Okay, so technically I am changing some rules here, SpiderMan the game, sucked some spider balls.  But the reason I include this game on the list is that the developers must have realized something.  What that something was is that people wanted a “fun” game.  So what happened; they made a GTA SpiderMan, where you can swing all over New York, climb buildings, beat up criminals and do all these mini sidequests whenever you felt like it.  It was GTA exploration in a game that could fully utilize it.  The feeling of web swinging up to the roof of a building then, swooping in and grabbing a purse napper and stringing him up to a light pole.  It was so much fun.  Even the story was pretty good.  Not great, but definitely up to GTA level story.  This is a great sequel, because it took everything wrong with the first game (it was a shitload.  That game was pretty damn bad), and made it fun, exciting and awesome as a game.  That is what makes a good sequel.  If you disagree, pick up your PS2, get this game, put it in, and play it, cause it is awesome.  Bring back memories of when Spider Man was the man, and not an emo pussy bitch. Fuck you Tobey McBitch.  Fuck you.

Surprise bitch! Spider Jizz


April 15, 2010 - Posted by | Video Games

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