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Top 5 Worst Sequels #5-Final Fantasy X-2

Now is the time to start the second section of my countdown.  The Top 5 worst video game sequels.  What this really means, is taking a game, that everyone loved and was incredibly fun, and just ruined it.  Turned it into a game, that was just so far off from it’s predecessor’s greatness, that you want to take a massive shit, just all over the game.

The first game on my list for #5 is Final Fantasy X-2.  And I know that some people are complaining that technically X-2 isn’t a sequel because it’s a sequel to a specific title in the long running Final Fantasy series.  Well, here’s the reality of it.  Final Fantasy X was my favorite final fantasy game and even with it’s horrible voice acting, it is still a great game.  It is actually often on lists of best games.  Here is where the problem is; when Square Enix saw just how popular FFX was, their jew senses started tingling.  They made what might go down as one of the most fanserviced games of all time.  This game eliminates the main characters from FFX except for Yuna, Rikku, and the new emo girl Payne.  Oh, look, a cast of entirely sexy females……who are they trying to cater to, I have “no” idea.  What the fuck were they trying to pull.  Don’t get me wrong, the combat wasn’t the worst thing I’ve ever played.  Actually, the class changing is in many different games, and is actually pretty good.  But, the game isn’t really based around fighting.  It’s based around FANSERVICE AND FUCKING MINIGAMES!!  Oh, excuse me, I can’t do anything cool like fighting now, I have to go hand out 40 flyers dressed like a moogle for 30 minutes.  Fuck, it’s boring as shit.  I like the characters and I loved the original.  LOVED IT, but the sequel was just such a letdown.  You can’t use any of the cool guys from the previous game.  That honestly doesn’t make any sense.  The horrible fanservice, minigame sections, and lack of nostalgia to the game that it’s a DIRECT SEQUEL TO, make this game, a terrible sequel.

Oh, A peppy girl, an Emo Girl, and a Sexy Innocent girl. When were the Spice Girls in a video game?


April 13, 2010 - Posted by | Video Games

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