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Top 10 Best Sequels #6

Killzone 2.  If you never played this game, you really do need to pick this up.  First off, most people remember the Killzone world essentially because you fought horrible Nazi ripoffs and it was the Playstation’s attempt at competing with the Xbox and Halo.  Most people also remember or really, not remember it, because it failed to compete.  But years later, the developers decided to give the world another go.  If you haven’t seen Killzone 2’s graphics by now, or heard them talk about, you must be Hellen Keller.  When Killzone 2 came out, it was praised for having the best graphics to date for a game.  I mean, this game was brilliant and fucking gorgeous.  The think that surprised most people about this game though, is that they didn’t just focus entirely on graphics for this game; the gameplay itself was amazing and extremely addicting.  You’d find yourself squeezing your controller hands sweating over certain parts of this game.  This game went from an obscurity from the first to a bonafide hit with the second.  It was also nice because most people think of firing under cover, you think of Gears of War, but here they managed to combine the cover system with first person shooter action and halo speed gameplay.  This was called by many reviewers the best shooter of all time.  There is a reason Killzone 2 is on the list, because the sequel was just that good.

Well, looks like the Helghast also like the poison gas chambers.


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Top 5 Worst Sequels #4 KOTOR 2

So if your a gamer in general, you’re familiar with KOTOR or Knights of the Old Republic for one reason; this was the best Star Wars game ever.  Don’t get me wrong, there have been other good Star Wars games, but KOTOR set the bar for awesome.  You got to choose classes and develop skills in a ridiculously deep RPG.  Running around hacking sith and mercenary’s to death with your lightsabers is so badass.  The game was great with a crazy plot twist and fun story.  Lots of side quests and cool party members.  It was a great game and is still one of the best PC games of all time.  Here is were the sequel essentially shit on all of its fans.  Don’t get me wrong, its not that it’s a bad game, its just a big step back.  First off, the story is meant to make it so you can choose to be good or evil in the force by essentially making your fuck up a bunch of people as a sith, and then trying to redeem yourself or further fuck up everybody.  It’s not a bad story, but there are no, WTF moments like in the first.  The story is just much more bland and simple.  It’s kind of stupid that way.  Secondly, the characters in the second one are boring.  In fact, the best characters in the second one, are ripped straight from the first game.  That’s right, the best characters in the KOTOR 2 are from KOTOR, that’s being lazy.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a very in depth RPG, but the game was so rushed to get onto shelves, that some things are just stupid.  There are much less sidequests and certain areas which should be accessible are not, for no reason other than lazy programming.  There is a company trying to put in everything left out from KOTOR 2, so that may redeem this game, but for now, this game is retarded.  For example, in one of the earlier areas, you notice a room that on your map says you can enter.  When you reach the door, you try to go in…and can’t.  I spent 30 minutes looking for maybe a key or something to get inside.  Finally, my friend who’s beaten the game before looks over and says, oh, you can’t go in that room, they must not have programmed it.  If it’s on the map, but it’s not in the game ITS BULLSHIT!  This game is a good game, but the first was just soooo much better, that this had to be on the list.  If you like this game, I’m with you, but this game is like an 7.5/10 or 8/10, while the first was a 9.5/10 or a 10/10.  A good game, but they made it retarded.

Wait, is she a muslim jedi?

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Top 10 Best Sequels #7

So, I know for a fact that most people will not agree with me on this point; but you can go suck off Richard Simmons.  For #7, I pick Kingdom Hearts 2.  Now, here is the reason why.  Everyone remembers Kingdom Hearts, because it was a huge fucking hit.  An RPG game that non hardcore gamers liked to play.  Hack and slash, with fun disney characters and puzzles throughout, the original Kingdom Hearts was a great game.  But here is why the second one was even better.  First off, the story, while much more confusing, is also much more in depth.  There are plot twists and cool characters, crazy awesome villains and fun heroes who assisted you.  While many people complain about the story being too complicated, they are so fucking retarded.  It was not really a complicated story at all, you just now had to have an IQ about 25 to understand it.  Many people also complained about how the levels were much to linear and you didn’t really have the need to go back to places.  I agree, that this could have used more spice, but there were so many fucking worlds.  They also improved the gummi ship mechanic, making it a fun mini game as opposed to an obnoxious way to travel places.  But the biggest and best change to the game, was the battle system.  For one thing, Sora could now use drives, which made him such a BAMF.  Oh no, there are too many enemies, oh wait, Final Drive, Flying around with two independently moving keyblades; SOOOOO COOOOL.  Also, the reaction commands really provided a sense of gameplay that was missing from the first.  Now, you couldn’t just hack and slash your way through everything, you had to keep watching for the triangle flash, and pull off some crazy moves to destroy your enemies.  Plus, for gods sake, they have you fight a 1000 enemy melee.  It doesn’t get much more epic than that.  That is why Kingdom Hearts 2 is on this list.  It took a fucking awesome game and improved so many aspects of it, to make it even more enjoyable.


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Top 10 Best Sequels #8 SpiderMan 2

Okay, so technically I am changing some rules here, SpiderMan the game, sucked some spider balls.  But the reason I include this game on the list is that the developers must have realized something.  What that something was is that people wanted a “fun” game.  So what happened; they made a GTA SpiderMan, where you can swing all over New York, climb buildings, beat up criminals and do all these mini sidequests whenever you felt like it.  It was GTA exploration in a game that could fully utilize it.  The feeling of web swinging up to the roof of a building then, swooping in and grabbing a purse napper and stringing him up to a light pole.  It was so much fun.  Even the story was pretty good.  Not great, but definitely up to GTA level story.  This is a great sequel, because it took everything wrong with the first game (it was a shitload.  That game was pretty damn bad), and made it fun, exciting and awesome as a game.  That is what makes a good sequel.  If you disagree, pick up your PS2, get this game, put it in, and play it, cause it is awesome.  Bring back memories of when Spider Man was the man, and not an emo pussy bitch. Fuck you Tobey McBitch.  Fuck you.

Surprise bitch! Spider Jizz

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Top 5 Worst Sequels #5-Final Fantasy X-2

Now is the time to start the second section of my countdown.  The Top 5 worst video game sequels.  What this really means, is taking a game, that everyone loved and was incredibly fun, and just ruined it.  Turned it into a game, that was just so far off from it’s predecessor’s greatness, that you want to take a massive shit, just all over the game.

The first game on my list for #5 is Final Fantasy X-2.  And I know that some people are complaining that technically X-2 isn’t a sequel because it’s a sequel to a specific title in the long running Final Fantasy series.  Well, here’s the reality of it.  Final Fantasy X was my favorite final fantasy game and even with it’s horrible voice acting, it is still a great game.  It is actually often on lists of best games.  Here is where the problem is; when Square Enix saw just how popular FFX was, their jew senses started tingling.  They made what might go down as one of the most fanserviced games of all time.  This game eliminates the main characters from FFX except for Yuna, Rikku, and the new emo girl Payne.  Oh, look, a cast of entirely sexy females……who are they trying to cater to, I have “no” idea.  What the fuck were they trying to pull.  Don’t get me wrong, the combat wasn’t the worst thing I’ve ever played.  Actually, the class changing is in many different games, and is actually pretty good.  But, the game isn’t really based around fighting.  It’s based around FANSERVICE AND FUCKING MINIGAMES!!  Oh, excuse me, I can’t do anything cool like fighting now, I have to go hand out 40 flyers dressed like a moogle for 30 minutes.  Fuck, it’s boring as shit.  I like the characters and I loved the original.  LOVED IT, but the sequel was just such a letdown.  You can’t use any of the cool guys from the previous game.  That honestly doesn’t make any sense.  The horrible fanservice, minigame sections, and lack of nostalgia to the game that it’s a DIRECT SEQUEL TO, make this game, a terrible sequel.

Oh, A peppy girl, an Emo Girl, and a Sexy Innocent girl. When were the Spice Girls in a video game?

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Top 10 Best Game Sequels #9: MegaMan 2

Like I said before.  The reason Mega Man 2 is such a great game is the fact that it took such a fun formula from Mega Man 1 and turned it even more fun.  The crazy difficult platforming combined with super cool bosses and powers gained from beating said bosses.  It was a great game that the sequel decided to make even better.  Bosses include Metal Man, Wood Man, Air Man, Bubble Man, Quick Man, Crash Man, Flash Man, and Heat Man.  These are all classic Iconic bosses that would still appear in later games.  And Hell, who didn’t love running around levels shooting Metal Man’s saw blade at anything that moved and just raping shit.  Don’t get me wrong, the only reason that this game is only #9 on the list is that the difficulty of this game was just crazy at times.  While you fuckers can disagree with me on the placement though, you have to agree that MegaMan 2 is one of the best sequels of all time.  And hell, look at the box cover, that shit is awesome!

Just look at Mega Man, you wish you were as cool as this BAMF

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Top Ten Sequels and Top 5 Worst-#10 Best

So, in honor me me waiting eagerly for Super Street Fighter 4 and being really fucking bored; I’ve decided to go over the top 10 best and top 5 worst sequels of all time.  Now when I say best, I’m not talking about best game, I’m talking about taking a good game to begin with and just making it extremelly fun and even better than the original.  While I will rank them in terms of fun, If was a great game and the sequel was also great, but not really any better, it can eat a dick.  These games also have to be sequels.  This means no Final Fantasy 2 in America, which is actually FF4.  It also means, it has to be the second game in the series.  Once again, these are MY OPINIONS though, so if you don’t like it, find your own god damn blog.  Now, onto the first one in the countdown.

The #10 best sequel of all time-Halo2

Now most people either hate Halo2 of love it.  If you hate it, it’s because the story line was absolutely retarded and the ending made you angry at the fact the Bungie just needed you to buy the 360 for Halo 3.  But in reality, here’s why it’s on my list.  This game did something to shooters that Halo just couldn’t.  Don’t get me wrong, Halo set the precedent for the Xbox on awesome shooters, but Halo 2 took everything that was good(except for the story or it would be higher) and made it awesome.  The controls were still fun and tight, the sound and graphics still awesome and they added even more weapons to add to the arsenal.  The ability to duel wield allowed for deeper strategy and weapons like the sword created a brand new reason to rage at fags.  But the thing they really did, was bring online shooters to the front of the market.  Before Halo2, you could play your local friends in multiplayer, but that’s it.  Welcome to Halo 2 where random 12 year olds from across the country could both pick up rockets and yell, “i pwn mad noobs” so many times, that global warming started.  Halo 2 was a great sequel.


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