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Sherlock Holmes: More Iron Man than Mystery

So the other day, I was joined with some friends in watching the new Sherlock Holmes movie.  I was especially excited becuase the movie looked good from trailers, and quite frankly, I love Robert Downey Jr.  Now after watching it, I have to say that it is definetely a “you should check this shit out”.  Okay, first off, the plot is essentially, this one man who is the evil son of the magic society of london, and he plans to destroy congress after coming back from the dead.  The rest of the movie involves Sherlock Holmes bothering Watson who is going to be married, and generally, just bullshitting around town.  First off the cinematography of this game is very good.  They have parts of the movie where Holmes slows down time, just to plan how he’s going to incapacitate someone, walks through it and then does it full speed.  It’s some fancy fucking editing.  There are times though when it feels pushed and uneeded.  Also, since when was Holmes really that much of a badass.  Like he was never some fucking pansy getting boned up the ass by some queen; but what the fuck, he takes part in some brawling circles and also goes to fuck people up in fights.  I don’t remember that ever happening.  But eh, I mean, i haven’t read every Sherlock Holmes, so ….  I don’t give a flying fuck covered in chocolate.  The one part that really sells this movie though is the acting.  Everyone, and yes I mean everyone.  All the characters that actually talk are very well acted.  That’s why my friend and I believe that quite honestly, this movie would have been better as a play.  Because the acting was the main point.  Granted, I think that Robert Downey Jr is the perfect obnoxious smartass character.  Oh, to spoil the movie, THE LITTLE JEW GIRL DIES…oh, that’s diary of Anne Frank.  No seriously, the reason for all the “magic” was science of course.  That’s honestly the biggest problem I had with the movie.  There was no ah hah! moment.  You know who was the villian the entire time, you know that magic won’t have been the actual reason for any of the things that happen and that science would be the explanation.  And of course, that Watson is allowed to be badass, but Holmes…eh, not so much.  Be seriously, watch the fucking movie.  It’s really good and entertaining.  If you want a solid action film, with a little bit of mystery, and a whole lot of smartassery and good acting, then check this shit out nigga!  I give this movie 8 fancy ass pipes/10


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Modern Warfare 2:I just like the throwing knives

Okay yes, so Infinity Ward finally released the sequel to one of the most succesful multiplayer games of all time finally came out.  And yes, while everyone else has already reviewed it, I haven’t so suck it up cock bag.  This game is really fucking good, and even if you can’t play shooters for shit, you’ll still find yourself having fun.  First, I’m not reviewing the first player game, cause even though it’s good….I don’t really give two shits…not really even one really.  I really only care about the multiplayer.  It’s the best part and probably the most satisfying online experience to have with a game.  First, graphics wise, the game has gotten some major improvments.  It looks a lot smoother and cleaner, so I like that aspect, but the blood really looks like the kool-aid man just jizzed all over the screen.  OOH YEAH! It’s okay, and its so you can still partially see, I get it, it just looks kinda stupid.  Then guns on the other hand look  really cool, and the double barrelled double wielded rangers, look fucking awesome.  So graphics wise, I really did enjoy the look of the game.  The sound also sounds very good, but not a major change in any way, but that’s to be expected.  But I love when the middle eastern group yells out “BAMBI”.  I should probably know what that means, but I don’t and don’t particularly care, cause it’s funny.  The voices sound good and they’re definitely cool, but overall, it’s mostly the same.  Some of the additions that I enjoy are the gamer tag, I think you have to unlock too much to get them, but they are fun and satisfying to have.  So good choice there Infinity Ward.  Next, I like how they added even more challenges, but dear god, its so excessive to have like 10 levels of each challenge for some guns.  Oh god, I just fucking want the challenge done at like level 5 maybe.  Next, the unlockable kill streaks.  Some of them are really cool, and really good.  Others are just straight up annoying.  I know it’s hard to get 25 killstreak and then get a tactical nuke, but when your team is winning 190-100 and you lose becuase of a nuke, it’s really fucking annoying.  I enjoy the airdrops though as they are a cool addition and can be very good.  Next is the perks.  New perks for a new game.  Bringing in some new and old favorites, but now with the addition of perks pro versions.  I think that upgrading perks is actually a great idea, and is cool, like ninja which a lot of people don’t really use, gives you completely silent movement when you have the pro version.  That’s pretty cool, and scavenger makes it so you can never run out of ammo.  Such as if you have a grenade launcher attacthment, you never run out of ammo for it.  Lastly, the new improvement of course besides maps, forgot to mention those, really fun maps, I especially love the airport level…is the new weapons.  Oh dear fucking shit, they made a weapon for trolls.  The riot shield is the single most annoying weapon.  I know you can be good with it, but it’s main purpose is just to annoy everyone.  Can’t be broken with gun shots of any kind, and if you have a blast shield, even more annoying.  Yeah, you can try to shotgun them from up real close, but one on one with someone who can use a shield, you CAN’T WIN!  You try to knife them or shoot them or grenade them, its just shield to the face and then dead.  I mean, god dammit, they get points for getting shot at and then not killed.  Okay, on the other hand you have the new attachments which are great, the thermal scope, heartbeat sensor, and other cool attachments, which with bling, lets you have two.  And now with better sidearms, like the shotgun sidearm which is really useful, you can add attachments to them too.  And really, what is more useful than the AA12 automatic shotgun with a silencer and a reddot.  NOTHING! But seriously, my new favorite addition is the throwing knife, its unwieldy, hard to get kills with it, and so much fucking fun.  You just chuck it up and hope some fuckers unlucky.  But it’s so satisfying killing with one hit with a simple knife.  Okay, I’m tired of writing, if you haven’t understood by now, this game is great, pure and simple, and even though I’m not too particularly good at it.  It’s really fun to play so pick it up.  10/oh fucking shit, 3 riot shield men/10.

Oh NO, you killed Billy! No i'm going to spray and pray until I kill something!

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