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Kingdome Hearts 358/2 Days: What does that name even mean?

So I personally am a HUGE Kingdom Hearts fan and if you don’t like the series, keep in mind that I will be slightly biased.  Okay, first, the game is played from the perspective of Roxas, who is Sora’s counterpart essentially.  This game takes place mostly between the GBA game Chain of Memories and Kindom Hearts 2 for the ps2.  First I have to say, the graphics for this game considering it is a DS game, are mostly phenomenal.  The characters have good definiton and characterization and even though most of the enemies vary by color change, there is still a good collection of different enemies to smack around with your keyblade.  The sound in this game is also quite good, as the music score seems to fit the game pretty well, even though once in a while the music can feel a little monotonous.  The controls in this game are also very smooth considering what they put into it.  You use A to select what you cursor on your action bar is on, be it attack, magic or item.  B is to jump and X is to dodge roll while moving or to block while standing (if those abilities are equipped of course).  Y is to scroll through the action choices.  Double tapping R is to lock on and holding L is to bring up shortcuts.  The system works well, but trying to get to items in your backpack takes much to long and magic is so much more powerful than it has been, even though it’s more difficult to use than previous games.  Probably the strangest update to this game is the fact that you but your abilities and everything into a panel system.   This includes weapon, items, what and how much magic you can use, equipment and probably the weirdest, the levels.  After each mission, you get and exta panel, but putting all your levels in the grid is strange.  If you want to be level 25, then you have to put you level up things in the slots, taking up all that room.  Also, you only have limited magic, like you can bring 3 cures, but only have room left for 1 fire.  It’s an odd system that really emphasizes that you plan your strategy for levels and forces you to decided what you really want.  Now for the story…You work for Organization XIII trying to collect hearts from heartless to form Kingdom Hearts.  It introduces you to Xion, someone who looks familiar to you and happens also to be able to wield a keyblade.  The story really takes place in cutscenes after and before missions, which have you doing things like killing big boss enemies, collecting hearts, investigating areas, collecting emblems, and what not.  There is a good amount of things to do and places, but you will enjoy some missions much more than others.  Besides these missions, you can do them again with a new feature in challenge missions where you can earn up to 3 challenge sigils, which you can redeem for items in a set order.  Probably the greatest feature of the game though is the multiplayer, which allows local wireless multiplayer modes.  Except you are able to play as any of the Organization XIII members including later after unlocking, Xion, Mickey, Riku, and Sora.  Being able to tackle missions as the sniper Xigbar, or the Chakram wielding Axel, provides a lot of extra fun.  Overall, this game is very fun and well done and worth the money, considering it’s only about $35.  If you have  a DS pick this game up, even if you aren’t a huge fan of the Kingdom Hearts series, it’s still a very fun game.  I give this game 9 Roxas is actually cool/10kingdom_hearts_358_2_days-539175


October 19, 2009 - Posted by | Video Games

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