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Forbidden Kingdom:All that wasted potential

Seldom do I come across a movie which has so much potential and is ruined so thoroughly.  Jackie Chan and Jet Li in one kung fu movie all about them fighting and doing whatever they do would have been so very welcomed.  What people got was the karate kid.  A dumb ass white kid who shouldn’t have been in that movie at all.  It could have been so much better with Drunken Fist Jackie Chan and “kick your ass” style from Jet Li.  But they had to make it some bullshit movie about this gay ass faggoty white kid.  Hell, they even had some bullshit romance in the movie.  God damn that bullshit.  I don’t even know.  Whenever the kid wasn’t in the movie, it was fantastic.  The fight scenes were great, unless the people in them were WHITE.  I am white, but you don’t have white kids and kung fu.  It’s not done.  It’s forbidden……i guess that’s why its the forbidden kingdom.  BULLSHIT!!! The music was generally pretty good and the score was appropriate at most times, so I was okay with it.  The visuals were also pretty good, although some of the fight scenes with people like the monkey king and the jade general, were way to crouching tigered for my taste.  It was generally good looking though.  It was the story that really killed this movie though.  About some white kid from south boston who’s obsessed with kung fu gets threatened by some guidos to steal some money from an old chinese dude.  He then gives the kid the staff of the monkey king and the kid runs up to the top of the building to get away but falls off and ends up in the land of china a long time ago.  It was dumb.  The rest of the movie is the white kid learning kung fu and fighting the evil army.  If it wasn’t for Jackie Chan and Jet Li, I would’ve left immediately.  Oh, and randomly, the movie had whole sections entirely in Chinese, with no subtitles.  So I spent to entire scenes wondering what the fuck was going on.  I mean, the movie wasn’t terrible, but I wouldn’t call it good.  6 wasted potential’s/10.

Why isn't this the movie...NO WHITEY'S

Why isn't this the movie...NO WHITEY'S


September 27, 2009 - Posted by | Movies

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