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Final Fantasy Dissidia: Not Just Fanservice…..well it kinda is.

So just the other day, I decided to pick up Dissidia.  First you have to realize that as a gamer, I have always been a big fan of the Final Fantasy series and it holds a special place in my heart.  So when I heard about this fighting game between all final fantasy top heroes and villians, I was excited to say the least.  Yes I know that it is entirely a fanservice, but I’m a fan.  I’m also aware that as a company, Square Enix’s fan service games haven’t really gone over too well.  FFVII Dirge of Cerberus and FFX-2 were entirely fanservice games.  While not completely bad, they’re definetly not considered one of  the great fantasy’s.  That has changed.  Dissidia is what fan’s have been looking for.  The fighting is absolutly fantastic, and while there is little story in the game, the pieces they give you leave you satisfied.  First off, the graphics are gorgeous.  They are at least PS2 or slightly better.  And secondly, the updated looks of some of the sprite characters are magnificent.  The Warrior of light, Firion…etc, they are amazing.  Now for the sound.  This sound in the battles is so good, a combination of great songs from previous final fantasy games with an added bit of new orchestral intense music that makes your testicles from a beard….yeah, not pubes, but a full on beard!!!!  Now, onto the fighting; okay, so this game while a fighter is wholly different than any fighting game you will ever play.  First off, completely 3-D maps and breakable environments and lights and rails and everything.  If you played this game on ectasy, they would cancel each other out, because they are the same experience.  But this game has many rpg elements, like equipping your character with weapons and accesories that you get to boost your character.  Also, the level up system really just makes this game a just cause your a better fighter than me, doensn’t mean that at 5 levels higher, the fight won’t be matched.  It’s a great system!  Cause even though it can be really frustrating level grinding, when you pull of an “EX Burst” against your friend,  it’s so satisfying.  The game is very in -depth and fun, with arcade style multiple in a row fights, quick fights, local fights across psp’s and of course story mode, which with it’s great voice acting is surprisingly fun.  This Final Fantasy may just be a fanservice, but it’s the fanservice that final fantasy fans have been craving for so very long.  8.5/ Tidus is still my Homey/10.

Fuck yeah all characters picture!!!

Fuck yeah all characters picture!!!


September 6, 2009 - Posted by | Video Games

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