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No More Heroes 2: A look towards Epicness

Okay, so I admit, I’m a big fucking fan of the No More Heroes game.  A lot of people said it didn’t have story, the city was a lame ripoff of GTA and that the graphics, even while stylized, were a little eh.  I can agree with bits of all of that.  But EVERYONE and your septic grandma agree, that the game and the fighting and the creativity was FUN!  So when at E3 they announced No More Heroes 2 Desperate Struggle, I got hyped.  I’ve been hyped for a while so it finally came to real fruition the other day though.  While browsing Kotaku, I noticed that they had put up pics of Travis Touchdown and his new weapon.  The dual beam Katanas.  And why not, Everything’s better with two.  The Big Mac’s got 2 all beef patties.  You have a cool threesome with two chick’s.  And you got’s 2 balls.  All I”m saying is, good things come in two’s.  Although the charging of the beam katana with one looked like masturbation, with two….Bro Rape. just grabbing onto two dicks.  But there are good and bad sides to everything.  Also, in these pics, you can notice, that the graphics seem like they’ve been stepped up.  So here’s to you No More Heroes!  Good luck and remember HEAD FOR THE GARDEN OF MADNESS!!!!!

You know that's sexy

You know that's sexy


August 12, 2009 - Posted by | Video Games

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