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Harry Potter and the Bullshit Romance Scenes

Okay, so I admit….I’ve read every single Harry Potter book more than once.  I’m in no way a huge fan or a Harry Potter nerd,  but when I get really bored, I read, and Harry Potter is so fucking easy.  So that being said, I’m an impartial judge about this new movie.  Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is the sixth book in the series, meaning that all of this wizadry is drawing to a close.  I don’t know about you, but that actually just makes me a little happy that my little sister will stop dragging me to these movies.  Okay, first thing is, if you’ve never read the books, you should, they are good and have more plot than the movies.  If you haven’t read the books though, the movie is so much better.  The major plot, is that in this sixth year, Voldemort is back and Draco is now a death eater (servant of Voldemort) and so he is given the task of killing Dumbeldore.  Harry meanwhile tries to find out information from the new potions teacher Professor Slughorn about Voldemort.  Harry meanwhile finds a book owned by “the half blood prince” who has all the potions answers and is very helpfull.  After Harry gets the information, Dumbeldore reveals to Harry that Voldemort made Horcruxes.  When you kill someone, your soul splits, so you hide your soul in an object.  So that’s why Voldemort didn’t die, his soul was still there.  Then death eaters sneak into the school and Draco confronts Dumbeldore but can’t do it, so SPOILER ALERT!!!!  SNAPE KILLS DUMBELDORE!!! Yay, I love that phrase.  Ummm, yeah, the end, oh and the entire movie, Ron makesout with some crazy girl, but Hermoine likes Ron.  And Harry, being the ever creeper goes after Ron’s little sister.  EWWWWWW.I have to say, the special effects in this movie really are really well done.  There’s explosions and fire and magic and it all looks really good.  So special effects team, WELL DONE!  Now for the editing……you’re retarded.  What happened, well, because of the new director after the first 2 movies, the editing is terrible.  The editor from 3 and 4 should be shot, like execution style, with enough bebe pellets to actually kill him.  The editing is better than that, but for some reason, still isn’t very good.  But it is improving at least.  Okay, so why this movie should be better………Why are there so many damn romance scenes.  Complete with terrible cheesy music (Barry Manilow in the backround) Close your eyes Harry, deep kiss…….That’s like the entire fucking movie.  They cut out the major fight scene in the end just to put in more romance, what the fuck!  This crap is so lame and dumb.  The movie was good, but apparently, cheesy romance takes precedence over everything else.  I have to give this movie as much as I feel possible 7.5/10.  Good movie, great effects, but terrible romance and bad editing.

This is the entire fucking movie.  What is she, like 14!

This is the entire fucking movie. What is she, like 14!


July 28, 2009 - Posted by | Movies

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