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Prince of Persia- Just cause there’s sand doesn’t mean its Persia

So the other day, I was walking through the store when I saw the new Prince of Persia game.  I mean, it’s not new now, but I’m broke, so fuck you.  Either way, I loved the PS2 Prince of Persia’s with their sand control, and acrobatic fighting and cool ledge jumping, so I was very sceptical about this game.  That is until I picked it up.  One of the first things you notice about this game is the art style.  I don’t mean like realistic or cell shaded.  It’s really unique, it feels almost very artsy, like you are both a person and art.  The designs and images flow really well together.  It creates almost a wispy effect, because the people just seem to belong to art.  The problem is that when the worlds are corrupted and black, the art doesn’t work so well.  Some things are hard to see, like moving blobs of death.  Oh fuck, I forgot, let me sum up the game first, i’ll get back to graphics later.  Basically, you are a man, who’s a thief.  You’re looking for you donkey loaded with gold when you find a girl running from people.  You help her out and follow her to a temple.  Easy peasy, but then her daddy “the king” comes in a cuts a tree in half “ahh, the hippies are crying.”  Except the tree sealed away the god of darkness….fuck.  Now the areas of the old city have become corrupted and you have to heal the areas.  Each area is guarded by a guardian, The hunter, the alchemist, the concubine, and the warrior.  For areas, divided into 6 areas.  Each minnion of the god of darkness are different and you have to beat them different ways to win.  The hunter is quick and sneaky, the alchemist is smart and dissolves into the ground, the concubine makes illusions and is a bitch, and the warrior can’t be hurt by any attacks only by being pushed off a ledge.  This game is pretty straightforward and through the magic of in game conversations you can listen to if you want, you find out more about the story.  Listen to the conversations, they are geniunely (how the fuck do you spell that word)  funny.  Banter between the cocky and cocksure theif and the prim and sheltered princess, with magic.  Through healing the lands, you find seeds of light, collect enough, you can gain a power.  Around the areas are plates, by using these powers on the plates, you can beat other areas.  See, easy peasy.  Back to graphics.  So when the land is corrupt, everything is dark and sucky, all basically, a piece of shit.  It still looks good, but there’s only so many shades of gray and black.  When the world is healed though, it is gorgeous, bright colors and tones, and different areas, very cool.  The sound of the game is very good, always telling you when there’s an enemy nearby or when you’re just walking.  It’s not the best score, but it’s really good.  The voice actors are however very good in their parts.  Kudos to them.  Controls in this game are very simple, in fact so simple that pulling of the most complex manuvers and really be done by little children.  All acrobatic moves, wall runs, climbing up ledges, poles, swinging, jumping, all done with the a button.  And since your partner is magic, when you hit Y, she’ll throw you extra far, for when you can’t jump the distance on your own.  B lets you grab onto rings and keep going.  All in all very simple, oh, and you can’t fuck up the acrobatics, because you can’t die in this game.  Your partner Elika, saves you everytime you die and puts you on the last piece of solid land.  Very very handy and nice, though, makes it a little too easy.  The fighting controls are top notch.  The A button are acrobatic attacks, the X is sword, B is throw, and Y is magic.  Right trigger is block and you’re done.  The part that makes combat fun is the ability to string everything together, throws and acrobatics, and swords and magic and whatever you like.  The combat is very quick and smooth.  Well done.  This game is fantastic and really fun.  Pick it up if you can, you won’t regret it.  I give this game 9.5 What do you mean this isn’t Persia’s/10.

This artwork is pretty damn hot!

This artwork is pretty damn hot!


June 17, 2009 - Posted by | Video Games

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  1. You were close. GenUInely.

    Comment by cornfedgamer | June 17, 2009 | Reply

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