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E3 2009!! Day 1

So, yesterday, I spent most of the day, watching the live coverage of E3 2009 on G4 and you know what?  It was fucking epic.  So first, I’m going to talk about the two games I’m most excited about that aren’t isn’t part of the microsoft presentation.  First No More Heroes 2: Desparate Struggle.  ughhhh *jizz everywhere* yeah, i’m that excited about it.  The first game was so good, stylistically, battlewise, and character design wise.  The game was epic.  So the second one, two katans, more wrestling, Suda 51 is in charge!!!! I already say yes.  Next is Assassins creed 2.  Basically, I just loved the first one, and unless they really fuck up, this game will be phenominal.  Now onto Microsoft.  First off, they announced Rockband Beatles, which is kinda cool I guess.  Like the graphics look cool, actually, mostly the trailer looked cool, the game could be good if it’s not like $50.  Next, Shadow Complex.  This game by epic games, looks good for just downloadable content, and I have to say, it’s pretty interesting.  Not sure about it though, It could suck.  Next, FF13 for the 360, we all knew this was coming, but having played the FF13 demo, I can honestly say, I’M SO EXCITED.  FF13 ON THE 360 YEAHHHHHHHHH!!!!  BROCK!!!!!!  Ok, next, Modern Warfare 2, this game, looks good.  Even the beginning trailer makes it look like an intense realistic, and gorgeous game, so i’m excited.  Then Joy Ride…….what the fuck xbox.  I mean, I know it’s free, but that’s just retarded. No sorry, your done.  Tony Hawk Ride, besides the fact that I’m not sure how well this game actually works, it looks like tony hawk brought some life to a old franchise.  Crackdown 2, I’m a little confused, the first game was good, but in this one, apparently according to the trailer, you stop druggies, and giant drug mutated monsters?  I don’t know, whatever.  It could be good.  Left 4 Dead 2, yeah, this might be good.  The first one was fun, and hopefully, all the kinks have been worked out for the second one.  Splinter Cell Conviction, this one looks pretty damn awesome.  All things are real time, you are a angry bad ass, who can use the sand box approach to complete stuff.  Doing things however you want them done, now thats hot.  Forza Motorsport 3, I mean, I’m not a big racer fan, so whatever, this game does look amazing, but still, Mario Kart’s bout as far as I go to racers.  Halo 3 ODST!!!! Looks so good, how its more like half shooter, half stealth, half awesome.  It’s really a new game, with new characters and ideas, and not just an expansion, like Gears 2 blah blah blah.  Dont get me wrong, I’m excited for the Gears 2 expansion, but thats just it, that’s all it is.  Oh, yeah HALO REACH!!! yes, fucking epic news.  If you’ve ever read the Halo books, you know what Reach is, and so this game has the ability to be awesome.  Alan Wake, this game looks cool, and new, and creative, so I’ll keep my eye on it.  Then the whole facebook, and, and zune hd, are cool, but I don’t really care personally, I use my 360 for games.  Metal Gear Solid 4 Rising, with Raiden, looks so cool, oh Hideo Kojima, why are you so damn cool.  Lastly Natal, which was their biggest news.  Its the new, “advanced” ps2 eyetoy really.  I mean, it can scan and voice recognize, but a lot of the action, seems kinda jumpy.  It could be good, but also interfered with so easily.  Ricochet and the paint thing were cool though, so I have hope.  Lastly, the Milo thing, I feel would be like nintendogs, after like 4 months, you like, anyone want to adopt Milo.  So, thats my coverage for day 1, I’ll be watching the nintendo whatnot today!


June 2, 2009 - Posted by | Video Games

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