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Role Models-Oh the black kid

So recently, I watched Role Models.  That movie was originally in my opinion, was going to suck worse than a faggot in a faggot convention, where they laced the air with scotch.  But then I actually sat down and watched the movie, and you know what.  It was really good.  Like REALLY good.  The plot was kind of stupid, but at the same time, was new.  So I was happy that it didn’t suck so bad.  The part that did make the movie good though, was the black kid.  That kid, is the funniest mutherfucker i’ve ever met.  He made me laugh so much and the whole boobie watcher bit.  I literally shit my pants.  But that movie, really was one giant penis, or gay joke.  But sadly, I loved it, and I couldn’t stop laughing.  It was so funny.  If  it wasn’t for the black kid though, it would have been good, but the black kid.  Oh shit, that was the funniest lines of my life.  Although an 8 year old calling a white man reindeer games, because all white men are ben affleck.  So if you haven’t seen this movie, then go see it.  IMMEDIATELY  Because you will laugh and it will make you happy.  I give this movie a 9 adventures of the boobie watcher/10

Hell yeaz Hell yeaz

May 28, 2009 - Posted by | Movies

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