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Prom-Oh, that’s where my money went

So, as I’m a senior, I’m going to prom.  It’s not like I really have anything against prom, its just that its expensive as hell.  I mean my schools tickets are going to be close to like $65.  Thats fucking ridiculous.  I have a girlfriend though, so she wanted to go.  So really, this is her fault.  First, I’m broke, and I ain’t got no job…..If you wanna hire me….please do!  But otherwise, paying for a limo, even when split up, $60, tickets for both buy and girl $130, food at a nice place, $30-$60.  Thats at least like $220.  I don’t have that kind of money, becuase that’s way to much money.  But seriously after my cash realization, all my friends decided it was too expensive, so now they’re not going to go to the prom.  So I have no group now!!!!!! FUCK!!! What the Fuck!!   Well, I’m typing this in chem class and now I’m getting yelled at.  Cause I’m so damn hardcore!!! Keep the comments coming, cause they’re what makes me happy.


May 28, 2009 - Posted by | Rants

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