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Swine Flu-The Man Bear Pig epidimic

First, yes, i don’t know how to spell epidimic.  Second, what the fuck is with all animals killing us.  The cows, birds, pigs, fuck, what’s next Panda-monium fever.  Granted, I would get infected with that on purpose.  Seriously though, I’ve never really been scared of any of the animal diseases.  I mean, West Nile, Mad Cow Disease, Avion Flu, they were all real.  But we overhyped them like so fucking much, like the 3rd xmen movie.  I was all excited and I was like YAY, then it was so much shit.  I mean seriously, I mean, granted I’m a little concerned.  I’m super paranoid, and I live in Virginia, and there have been two confirmed cases here.  So I care, but you have to realize that you’re most likely going to be 100% fine.  Don’t be gross, take showers, wash your hands, and don’t eat food from a trash can.  Granted, more people have already been affected by Swine Flu(sorry, Mexican flu) than all the other diseases put together, but that still only totals like 15.  I mean, calm the fuck down.  You’re going to be okay, stop bothering doctors, and stupid companies, if you try to take advantage of all the stupid people…. i wanna cut.  Cause I got some great ideas.  Also, one question for those of you out there, a muslim’s not allowed to eat pig, or touch pig blood cause it’s unclean, but if you catch swine flu, is that a sin?  I’m going to get yelled at for that.  Until next time, BROCK!!!!


May 1, 2009 - Posted by | Rants

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