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Mad World: The Carnage Will Continue

So, while this isn’t my official review of Madworld, given that i’ve only played it for about half an hour, it was enough to let me get a taste of the mayhem and goryness that is Madworld.  First off, you’re stuck on an island in the middle of a killing game called Death Watch.  You’re a badass man, who smokes, happens to look a hell of a lot like Hellboy, and have a chainsaw on your arm.  Sounds good to me!!!  So, even the training in this game is addicting.  There are throws, attacks, and chainsaws.  There are also finishers for each type, and are done by using the wii remote and numchuck to move certain ways.  This is the one point where I have to go, mmmm, just cause the controls can be a little unaccurate sometimes, but not very much, so still super awesome.  Very satisfying to pull apart the two remotes and snap a man’s neck, heehee.  Then, the plethora of weapons you can use to kill.  Trapping someone in a tire, stabbing them through the face with a sign, and then impaling them on a wall of spikes repeatedly is not only good, but encouraged, because the more ridculous and complicated and funny the kill, the more points you get.  The game is mostly, get a number of blood points in this amount of time and then kill a boss figure.  I don’t complain about this at all, cause it’s fun as hell.  The graphics of this game, are stylized comic graphics.  All black and white, except for the copious amounts of blood, all red baby!!!  The cool thing about this game, is that it’s devloper Platinum games, has this as its first title, although the group did create viewtiful joe and okami, both great games.  I digressed though, the best part about this game to me though, is the dialogue, oh shit its amazing.  When the people commentating on the events unfolding cant help but drop the f bomb every five lines, and its just funny as hell.  An actual line is “Ahh, the tire and signpost combo, how ironic.”  “How is that ironic?”  “Oh right, by ironic I meant fucking awesome!!!”  That’s good dialogue, hell the in game characters like the pimp have hilarious ass dialogue too.  This game is overall fucking awesome, fuck it, i’m reviewing it.  I give this game a 9.5 chainsaws to the nutsacks/10.




April 27, 2009 - Posted by | Video Games

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