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Pokemon Obsession

So i’ve already reviewd pokemon platinum, but i’ve still been playing it, becuase it’s really fun.  There’s one thing I realized though, pokemon is still a fucking huge craze.  Hell, Brock is my hero.  But i’ve talked to at least 15 differnt people this week, who are all playing pokemon of some type.  I mean, no one’s really gonna get platinum, but people still play red and blue, and hell, diamond and pearl are still being played like 2 years later after its inital release.  People can’t get enough of these games, and it’s showing.  I could never understand why pokemon will never die.  Like NEVER!!!!  The show has had at least 14 seasons, and there have been so many spinoff games, that mario and final fantasy are crying at this point.  It’s amazing though, I never thought I cared so much though, until my machoke evolved into a machamp, now he can give you and abortion 4 times!!!!  And I have a Golem, its the super geodude, which makes Brock jizz in his pants 8 times.  Like SPLEARGHHHSH.  “Thats a hot pokemon.”  But enough about Brock releasing the polar bears in his pants.  Pokemon is still incredibly strong and fun.  Seriously, don’t feel the need to buy platinum, but if you don’t own one currently and you call yourself a gamer, you need to go out and buy one NOW!!!

He just jizzed in his pants of Golem

He just jizzed in his pants of Golem


April 23, 2009 - Posted by | Video Games

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