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Back From Boston: The triumph of mans spirit over stupid people

So I came back from Boston recently, and it was awesome. I’m not going to lie, it was actually fucking fantastic.  We stopped by and saw the Blue Man Group, if u’ve never seen them, fucking go now!!!!!!!  They are so funny, and if you like music in any way, then you will enjoy them greatly.  Granted, becuase our chaperone’s kid was mentally challenged, like actually retarded, we had to sit in the balcony, while everyone else we knew was on the ground floor.  I now have a legitimate reason to hate retarded kids.  But we checked out Fenway Park, went shopping with peoples, and at one point was forced into a victorias secret shop.  We had to stay in groups of four, and my group split, and it was three girls and me, and I had to go in, with other girls I knew in there while I stood in the corner, trying not to look like a creepy pedophile.  Honestly, it’s difficult to not look like one in that situation.  But we did a whole lot of shit, like swimming, dancing, winning first place in a chorus festival.  On the way back though…oh shit…..bkawwwwww (my mind was just blown there).  We got to stop by six flags, granted, is the uglyest and dirtyest park i’ve ever been to, but the rollercoasters are fucking nuts.  El Toro, Superman, Kinda Ka, Nitro, The Batman.  These rides were all fucking intense.  Like yahhhhhhhh!!!!  Bleghhhhhh(actually happened to me at the park).  It was pretty awesome, I was a big fan of the trip.  Seriously go to Boston sometime, it’s a fun city, it’s a city, but it’s not as big, or creepy, or crowded as most major cities.  Super Nice


April 21, 2009 - Posted by | Rants

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