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Boston Ho!!!!

So for those of you who are actually going to school this week, haha suckers.  This thursday- sunday, i will be in boston with my chorus.  It’s going to be fucking tight.  Missing school right after spring break to go do whatever I want in a city that is home to the redsox, and crazy drunk irish bastards, which I am one of, minus the drunk. haha.  Seriously though, I’m so excited about this trip.  It happens once a year, and i’ve never been to boston, and i don’t have to deal with my nazi of a mother.  Which means that this to me is like a married man hearing that he’s going to have sex.  Chances like this don’t come around everyday, and you better love it while it lasts, cause in a short amount of time, it’s going to be gone.  That’s why i’ll be living this trip to the fullest possible, which also mean’s I can’t post because i’ll be in hotels.  So I’ll leave you with a little story to tide you over.  One time, at my house, it was night, and through the window, I saw a small light moving, and I figured it was just car lights, cause i live next to the parkway, then out of nowwhere, I see two guys run up to our back porch, so I run downstairs, being as quiet as possible to the back door, to look through at who they were.  I saw to gun handles protrude from their jackets.  I freaked out and was about to pee myself.  So I ran back upstairs, and told my mom about it, and then my mom got scared and said your moving with your aunty and uncle in Bel Aire.  Yes, that just happened.  I’ll see you guys later.


April 13, 2009 - Posted by | Rants

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