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Pokemon Platinum: why would I do this to myself

So the other day, my friend picked up pokemon platinum, and I was like, why not.  I liked Diamond after playing red so long ago, and so i said, sure why not.  Damn it pokemon, you’ve fucking trapped me again.  Your stupid level grinding and your stupid bullshit dialogue, and how I can fuckin wipe the floor with trainers, and then a fucking zubat uses supersonic and i’m fucked.  Besides that though, this game is essentially the same as diamond and pearl.  So far, i’m not far enough in to know about any of the new pokemon, but i do know that you eventually instead of getting Dialga or Palkia(those weird looking bastards), you go to the twighlight zone..dededededede.  no, but you go in some rift thing and you walk on walls and upside down and whatnot, until you meet the spider dragon ghost random mash up monster.  So basically the only change is the fact that in this game, you can catch new pokemon, end of story.  There might be like a new pokewatch gadget or something, but overall the same.  So basically, I decided that I can’t deem this a game all in its own.  This is now like the sims, where there’s one game, and you just keep adding on random ass expansion packs.  So Now presenting Pokemon Diamond/Pearl: the Twighlight Zone.  So if you haven’t seen any pokemon diamond or pearl, pick this up is a yes.  If you have seen them but already beat the shit out of them and just wanna do it again.  Pick it up.  If not, just wait for the next release, it’ll be out in like 8 months(just my guess form prior experiences).  I give this expansion 7BROCK!!!use rock slide geodude, it was super effective, enemy (insert name of hated thing here) gets crushed the fuck up under like 14 tons of boulders/10

Seriously, what the fuck is this thing

Seriously, what the fuck is this thing


April 11, 2009 - Posted by | Video Games

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