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Henrey Hatsworth and the Teddy Roosevelt Impression

So when i first heard about this game, i thought, shit, what a waste of space for good games.  The only thing that made it amusing was the british gentleman you played as.  When I actually picked up this game though, it was suprisingly fun.   First off, the story that you as a old british explorer are looking for the pieces of the golden suit, said to give men the greatest of powers, but you rival weazlby wants them for himself.  First, this game, is very fun.  Second, i fucking love mutton chops, ahah.  But Seriously, the game plays like a standard platformer, where you have a few hearts as old Hatsworth, and a few as Super African Safari Hatsworth.  You have your young protege who supplies you with upgrades and has Kazooies voice of random squaks whenever he talks.  So your basic platforming that is both challenging and fun, and really freaking rewarding.  Next comes the inovation, the bottom screen is like one big bejewled board.  When you beat enemies, they become blocks below, and you have to put 3 same colors together, to make them go away.  While you can only move blocks sideways, this isn’t as challenging as it sounds, as certain blocks contain extra lives, or block powerups.  When you have enough energy from destroying said bad guys, you can turn into super hatsworth, and when the bar is filled up for a second time full, you go into tea time!!!!!  when you get a giant invincible robot suit, which you use to punch, uppercut, fire tons andtons of lazers, and what not.  One thing to be carefull of in this game, is the fact, that if the enemy blocks reach the top, then they chase you around the level trying to smash you, making it much more challenging.  Overall, your talking, consisting entirely of what whats!! and platforming and bejewled make this game a very fun surprise for any looking for a good solid platformer.  The graphics are cartoony and fun, and the sound is very catchy and loveable.  the only thing is that once in a while, the controls don’t work as well, as you would hope, like the board moving pieces you didn’t want to, but overall its still pretty good.  One warning, is that this game isn’t as easy as it first looks, you’re given a gun to shoot bombs, laser shots, or boomerangs, depending on which item you have, and u can fire a super shot using your meter, but this game still is far from easy, and enemies will end up raping you in multiple occasions.  One other thing that I forgot to mention was the boss fights, which are so creative and fun.  The first fights have Weazlby in robot thing, trying to beat you up, and every time, in each map, he upgrades said robot, standard boss progression, but its the final bosses for each stage which are fun.  The first boss is a crazed bride woman you shoots cannons and other items out of a cake, and shoots seeds into your bejewled board, which can’t be moved, so they have to be eliminated without being moved.  The second boss is a sky pirate who looks like fabio who shoots out heart beams and dances at you, and shoots singing notes at ur bejewled screen. You hurt him by destroying the singing blocks and having a mob of girls attack him.  This game is really, fun, clever, and overall, britishy.  I personally found it both challenging and fun, so I give this game 8.5 muttonchops/10

This Bitch is crazy!!

This Bitch is crazy!!


April 9, 2009 - Posted by | Video Games

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