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Brock Returns!!!! but still is gay

So, i was grabbing some chinese food the other day (general tsao’s chicken, mmmmmmmmm).  I saw this random kid walk in, and when they asked his name, he said Brock.  And I was like, OH SHIT!!!  Then they asked for cash or credit, and i wanted to yell, why don’t you just use geodude and use rock slide, then you don’t have to pay for shit.  Then I realized that he would have used Onix instead, but then I actually looked at him, and he was kinda a lanky ass blonde guy.  I think if your name is Brock, you better be some kind of a badass. He most definetely wasn’t the most intense guy, and I feel that if you name your kid Brock, he better  be really fucking intense and muscular, but this guy wasn’t, he serverly crushed my hope of a cool guy, oh well, guess i’ll have to find someone more ballsy next time.

Now this Brock is intense

Now this Brock is intense


April 4, 2009 - Posted by | Rants

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