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GTA Chinatown Wars: Bringing the anarchy to the small screen

So when I first heard about GTA Chinatown wars, I was very skeptical.  I love the GTA series, especially with the recent Game of the Year GTA4.  It was just the idea of  having a portable gta that didn’t work for me, becuase I remebered that the psp attempts to do such an act, sucked major flacid donkey dick.  Then I saw the screen shots and was even more concerned becuase it turned from gritty realism, to top down cell shading.  It was like the majoras mask to windwaker change.  Well, exactly like that, I found this game very fun and very satisfying and it put to bed all my fears.  This game is so much fun and is so cool in its presentation, that everyone should pick it up, not just gta fans.  First off, yes the graphics look a little funny being more cartoony than anything else, but they still manage to throw in some awesomeness, having it feel cartoony, but realistic at the same time.  It really kinda reminds me of sin city.  The sound was also very good playing in the back and having the opening theme being super rascist chinesey just sealed the deal for the music.  The controls were even fairly good for this type of game.  the r button locked on to targets, the b button let you run, the a button used your weapons, which you could switch between using the touch screen to select from your inventory.  The x button let you hijack cars and the y button did something but i don’t give a shit about it right now.  The only thing that was kind of annoying was the fact that you randomly had these little touch screen minigames, which are kinda of cool, but really are so simple, you know they threw them in there just to justify having this game on the ds.  The story of this game, is your a chinese and your fathers sword was being delivered to your uncle kenny, who was going to give it to the head of the triad when it was stolen.  Your uncle wants to secure his place as second in command under the leader of the triad, but without the sword, hes in a pickle.  While you go looking for the sword, your also helping out your uncle with little random tasks.  So while you still take on the ever present missions, drug dealing becomes a big part of it.  Selling and buying drugs can net you one hell of a profit in this game, its just like real life.  So, if you haven’t played this game or are really worried about it like i was, well i was wrong, its an awesome game that deserves your respect, and possibly your drug money.  GTA Chinatown wars gets a 9.5AIAYAAAAAA/10

Just some screen shots to subdue your rising feelings of anarchy

Just some screen shots to subdue your rising feelings of anarchy


April 3, 2009 - Posted by | Video Games

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