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One Piece: Its not a kids show

Hey, i haven’t written in a while, so i’m taking this oppurtunity to write about what I feel is one of the greatest shows ever made.  You can disagree, you’ll just be a dumbshit.  So many people in america don’t give anime shows a chance, cause they get bad reputations from random shitty shows, and the fact that when translated, they get remade as kiddy shows.  Well i’m here to say, fuck that shit.  One piece scares some people becuase some of the people look weird.  Which if they haven’t figured out yet was done on purpose.  Seriously if you’ve never watched this show, download the original japanese version.  It’s so good!!!!!!  The story is at points so intense and sad, that i actually cried, i don’t cry over shit.  The fighting is so epic that often times, your left standing up and screaming, YEAH!!!!! in the middle of a fight.  The main characters are all really deep, cool, and funny.  Ussop and Chopper are the comedy.  Luffy, Sanji, and Zoro are the intense/comedy, and nami and robin are the sad stories, and the hot chicks.  Seriously this show is really good, and if the only anime you’ve seen is naruto, then you narutards need to stop watching that shit, and start watching something good. 

i forgot to mention franky, hes the big one, he's part cyborg

i forgot to mention franky, hes the big one, he's part cyborg


April 1, 2009 - Posted by | T.V. shows

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