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Retrospectives: The epitome of Video Game Sum-ups

So those of you who have never heard of game trailers need to first punch yourself in the kidney, find a crowbar, and break both your kneecaps, and then (insert other incredibly painful act here).  It is a very good website full of videos of reviews and whatnot.  Game Trailers is not what i’m talking about though.  What i’m talking about is the retrospectives they offer.  Every gamer knows that there are certain exclusive series that are awesome and that span multiple consoles.  Game trailers has taken the best of these and made 20 min long episodes that combine together to talk about every portion of certain series.  I strongly reccomend the zelda, metroid, resident evil, final fantasy, and metal gear solid retrospectives.  They are so good.  There are plenty of other retrospectives too.  So seriously, go see them, they’re pretty freaking awesome and entertaining.  Granted, the final fantasy one is so fucking long.  13 episodes of 22 min long videos = no sleep.  If you love video games and learning of the great roots they came from and learning special things you never realized, check this out dawwwwwwg.


March 29, 2009 - Posted by | Rants

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