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Victor Wooten…..thats all i got

So i started listening to Victor Wooten a while ago because my friend jeff told me too.  And he’s so good.  He is the greatest bassist in the world, and this is not my opinion, it is the literal truth that has been determined.  His CD’s A Show of Hands and Palmystery, are both so ballin and chillin.  He is in the jazz funk category, but his single awesomness on the bass puts all to shame.  His whole family is actually amazing though, his brother Reggie, is possibly the greatest guitarist but he’s just too lazy to care, and his brother “Future man” programmed drum noises into his guitar, so he PLAYS THE DRUMS WITH HIS GUITAR!!!!   The whole family is amazing.  But seriously, Victor wooten is amazing.  It’s just what he does. He did a bass cd by S.M.V. and is in Bella Fleck, and also does solo albums.  Seriously youtube him.  Check him out.  He’s that good.  Look at “me and my bass guitar”, and “classic thump.” those are my two favorite.  Granted some people don’t like this style of music, when you actually learn to appreciate music, check him out.  I give his cd palmystery 9/10.  Its not the best i’ve heard, but its still so good.

Look at that, his awesomeness formed arms.

Look at that, his awesomeness formed arms.


March 28, 2009 - Posted by | Music

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