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Crazy Awesome

So this news might not matter to any of you, but I find this freakin awesome.  So i’ve been writing this blog for a little while now, and i thought that no ones been reading it.  Well, i’m mostly right.  But today, i was looking through my spam folder of the comments (you still aren’t posting you fag faced cunt muffins(mmm…delicious(haha, parenthesis inside of parenthesis))).  So, I found out that my rant against pc gamers, was apparently noticed by someone else, becuase they posted it on something else that was entirely not mine, and I don’t know whose it was.  Which is basically awesome.  Like i said before, maybe it doesn’t matter to you, but that fact that my post that i wrote got somewhere is big news for me, so as a celebration, i will do something crazy.  Like herd a pack of llamas and get my amigos to attack all the dry cleaners from here to dc, so that we will be llama bandits riding llamas wearing tuxes, thats right, and red bowties.  Yeah, my psyche is a little upsessed with llamas since emperor’s new groove.  Well, with that fun tidbit, i bid you all farwell, for like maybe an hour or two.


March 27, 2009 - Posted by | Rants

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