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Resident Evil 5: Where the hell is that bitch going

So now that I have finally played resident evil 5, I figured I should review it.  This game is awesome.  I love it and if you don’t your wrong.  First off, the graphics in this game are really pretty, I know that once in a while, the bosses will be so, wtf that they look weird, but its such a pretty game.  Secondly, the sound is very good, I always listen for the angry voices for when I have to equip my pistol, or the licker howls, where I equip my acid round grenade launcher(fun times).  It also just sounds good, with the music really putting you in the mood of the game.  So for gameplay, the game is really fun.  This is your standard survival horror, though much more similar to RE4.  The thing you have to remember about this game, is that you can’t just run in there and shoot up everybody, the best strategy is to shoot someone in the head to stun them, then running up to kick/punch them, then curbstomping/kinfeing them to finish them off, minimun ammo, maximum fun.  So, this is a weird place to put this, but the plot of this game is that Chris Redfield and Sheva are trying to find Jill and stop this infestation of las plagas from taking over all of africa essentially.  Throughout this game, you find many people who try to stop you, big surpries.  Near the end of the game, you find out that Wesker is still alive and has been planning a project called the oroboros project.  This plan involves shooting missiles filled with las plagas at areas to infect even more people(what a bitch).  I haven’t yet finished the game, but I got up to the last chapter.  The controls of this game are fairly simple and though people don’t like the whole stop and shoot approach, I believe it adds to the survival horror aspect, where you cant just run around gunning everyone down.  There are also the easy to pull off kick moves which really help in a pinch.  The one thing about this game that blows is the partner AI.  You could be surrounded by hordes of enemys shooting them as they all charge you, and your partner will happily wander along proceeding to not shoot anybody, seriously, your being mauled by zombies and she just sits there, or sometimes wanders off.  Bitch you get back here.  On the plus side, if you have friends, then the co-op mode is amazing.  The partner becomes usefull and provides for a thrilling, fun, and overall, extremmelly satisfying exprience.  9.5 uppercuts/10

No, I don't know who JW is, I'm going to go with Jerome Whippleton

No, I don't know who JW is, I'm going to go with Jerome Whippleton


March 22, 2009 - Posted by | Video Games

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