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PC gamers: no, shut up, your done. You don’t exist anymore

So today, i’m going to talk about the pc gamer.  Or more aptly put, the absence where the pc gamer once was.  Many people say that pc gaming is strong with releases of games such as spore, world of warcraft, COD4, and a few others.  The reality is, is that these few games aren’t going to do shit.  Spore was a great game, but it won’t save the system.  COD4 is already out for other systems and sniping with a mouse is just gay.  Lastly is WOW, this is not a game.  This is a massive orgy of stupidity and wasted time.  You can like the game and play it and I do like parts of it, but its a mmorpg, which means that its not really a game, its essentially the internet with better graphics.  There are so many things that are better than it.  Needless, if youve lost your soul to WOW, buy a console, their better.  I have a friend who also says how pc’s are better becuase they can do more stuff.  Well, true, I couldn’t write this blog without a computer, but I’m not playing games on it.  You get a computer for the internet and documents, then you buy a console for fun.  It’s really simple.  Lastly, people talk about the history of PC gaming and thats why its better.  Guess what, Rome used to be great, now its a fucking city.  Just cause you had history doesn’t mean you got a present.  Look at dinosaurs, They were collossal beasts who ate everything and shit out iron.  But now they’re dead.  So is the PC gamer.  For all you pc gamers, pick up a console.  You can still play the pc, but if you don’t own a console now and consider yourself a gamer, then you are just plain wrong.  End of Story.  BROCK!!!!

The most terrifying of all dinosaurs

The most terrifying of all dinosaurs


March 22, 2009 - Posted by | Rants


  1. gotta agree with this one, console games are the way to go!

    Comment by zombi3p0ptart | March 22, 2009 | Reply

  2. […] post by The Mind of Andrew […]

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  3. PC’s have better graphics, and better input.
    Have you seen CoD modern warfare 2 on xbox or ps3? the graphics are shocking, and a gamepad’ll never have the precision of a gaming mouse.

    PC gamers are real, and we don’t all sit around playing WoW and solitaire.

    Comment by Mark | July 1, 2010 | Reply

    • No, you’re right, and I actually completely agree. I wrote that article a while ago, and I have PC gamer friends. And while they pc gamer market isn’t dead, it can be said that it is dying though. While I prefer console games, and yes of course PC graphics are better, for god sake, look at crysis 2 (fucking gorgeous), it’s just an opinion thing. But 100% you are right, I know that most PC gamers are not WoW fanatics, but at the time, it what it seemed like. It’s like how now, many gamers a non gamers see the Wii as the best console ever, when it really kinda sucks. I just didn’t have enough PC gamer friends. Haha, thanks for pointing that out man.

      Comment by kingreggie773 | July 1, 2010 | Reply

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