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Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon: Really Fricken Hard

Hey, I’m back everybody after a brief intermission that has been filled with relationship and not failing at school.  So I come to you today to talk about a game.  Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon is really fucking hard.  First off, this game’s graphics if you haven’t seen are nice.  Since the past portable fire emblems, the graphics have been improved and the fighiting scenes look really nice and more fluid.  On the negative side, once in battle, your distinctive characters don’t look very distinct, in fact one of my guys has a turban.  He looks like another guy who doesn’t have a turban, wrong!!!!!!   So for the sound, this game is adequate though not over the top ballin or undre the table giant flaming bags of donkey crap.  One of the biggest problems with this game is lack of story line, it involves fighting a map, getting a random text 2 paragraph slip to advance the generic and really non existent story.  One other problem that they caused since Sacred Stones, is the lack of training oppurtunities.  In this game, you cannot train outside of battles and you often findyourself swarmed and being annihalated by enemies from all directions, and its gay, cause you can’t level up, you just have to suck it up and keep trying to win.  Making it really fucking hard.  Another thing classic to the Fire emblem series, is that when someone dies, they’re gone for good, which cause tiny little slipups forcing you to redo an entire level becuae of one tiny bitch ass mistake.  This is assisted slightly by save points located in the levels, though even they can only be used once.  This game is fun and a great strategy game, but this version sucked the soul out of its previous jaunts.  The new change of being able to reclass someone whenever you want is bullshit, because the other games, oh, I need him, hes an archer, not taking a high level cavalier and going , archer now.   ARGHHHH!!!!! This is utter bullshit.  This game makes me angry on so many levels.  You just pick up one character a level and then you try to muscle your way to not being raped up the ass, a difficult task. All in all, I give this game 5 why marth would you do this/10.


March 20, 2009 - Posted by | Video Games

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