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Kirby Super Star Ultra: Return to a classic, doesn’t mean awesome

Many fans like myself have loved kirby games since forever.  I mean, he’s adorable.  He’s a giant pink blob that steals powers by eating people.  What’s cuter than a pink marshmallow with a giant hammer.  So playing this game, graphics of course haven’t really been updated in my opinion since the first gba kirby nightmare in dream land.  While it doesn’t really need it becuase the graphics are solid and don’t require any improvement, it would have been nice to see a little change.  They did add littel random movie bits in, which I felt while nice, were not necessary and kind of felt like the company decided that one little video made up for changing no graphics at all.  The sound in this game is great though, with all the catchy and addicting adorableness that is Kirby.  One of the greatest parts of the kirby game is the different modes, while all really short, and can each easily be beaten in one sitting, are still very fun.  There is a treasure hunt mode, a normal game mode, and collect differnt powers and use them whenever u want mode, an extra story mode, minigames.  My personal favorite level is Metaknight’s levels, becuase he gets certain techniques to use which include healing and creating a giant tornado.  Probably the biggest change in the game is the helper.  In this game, when you first absorb a power, you can forgo that power yourself and turn that power into an emeny of that power who will now help you.  This becomes very nice.  Verrrrrryyyy nice.  This game was very fun and not to challenging allowing everyone to be able to pick it up.  One problem set this game back though, the frickin arena’s and helper to hero mode.  These modes give you any ability and 5 maximum tomatoes to beat 19 bosses in arena, and 19 really freakin hard bosses in true arena.  In helper to hero, you use an enemy to beat 10 bosses, but with 3 tomatoes.  These modes are ridiculously hard.  They are so difficult that I cried in anger how I couldn’t beat a part of Kirby.  Like 7 year old could rape this kirby becames, shit yourself in fear in the difficultness of these options.  Overall though the game was very fun and addicting, even if the arena can suck my nuts for being a bitch.  8/10.

That's right, this puffball is so pissed off he might hug you!

That's right, this puffball is so pissed off he might hug you!


March 15, 2009 - Posted by | Video Games


  1. Actually, the ability to transform enemies into helpers isn’t new. I think it was first introduced in the original SNES version of this game, then brought back in the crystal shards (which you own buddy so you should know this XD) Other then that i agree with ya, True Arena is a BITCH!!!!!!! Thank god for hammer ability, most powerful one in the game XD

    Comment by zombi3p0ptart | March 15, 2009 | Reply

  2. Actually there is no helper ability in crystal shards, only the combination of abilities. As for the orignial version im not sure. So you could be half right, but your definetely half wrong, so suck it. Though thanks for the comment, believe me, i am often wrong, so point it out if you like.

    Comment by kingreggie773 | March 16, 2009 | Reply

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