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Final Fantasty 4 D.S. : This series is like lemmings, they have to kill themselves to die

So even though I’m way behind on some of the more recent games, attributed to my lack of funds at this moment.  I turned the time capsule back to a couple of months ago to Final Fantasy 4 for the D.S.  This game is a solid chunk of fun if you’ve never played it.  The graphics while not stellar and honestly are somewhat weak, are still a good looking game for the D.S. but the attempt to do realistic people failed slightly in this sense.  The music however is spot on and provides level grinding with a happiness that surrounds it.  The bad part is, is that the music has to be good, becusae you are forced to level grind like a bitch.  In the course of this game, in the beginning alone, you gain and lose like 7 different characters.  Which quite possibly is the biggest bitch of them all.  You like someone and get used to them, and then they’re gone.  The obnoxious part, is that almost all characters come to you at levels ridiculously low for the area where you are.  Areas where to survive you need to be like level 18 give you characters level 10 that only survive because Cecil, the main character who is actually with you the whole time is like level 27 because you don’t ever get rid of him.  This game is really great though as the Final Fantasy games go, with an actual story line and characters over Final Fantasy 3.  My personal favorite is Kain, who is just damn awesome.  He’s a dragoon, that’s right, he rides dragons.  Holy Fucking God.  That is BADASSS.  Overall this game is a load of fun and fun to amuse yourself with in short bursts.  If you want a non turn based game look elsewhere, but if your looking for the original final fantasy then come on down THE PRICE IS RIGHT, WITH YOUR HOST BOB BARKER.  I’m sorry, i’m tired and I felt that it was necessary.  This game gets a 7.5/10

You see, i just jizzed in my pants

You see, i just jizzed in my pants


March 13, 2009 - Posted by | Video Games

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  1. good ole spoony bard

    Comment by zombi3p0ptart | March 13, 2009 | Reply

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