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Family Force 5: no they’re not a children’s band

Hey everyone, I’m back, and today i thought that i’d write about a new topic.  I’m going to talk about one of my favorite bands.  Family Force 5, they are crazy awesome and you might have already seen them at Warp Tour this past year.  They’re not too big yet, but they’re up and coming.  There music is classified as Christian Krunk Rock, which is by far the best song genre i’ve ever heard of, second, their music combines techno, dance beats, ridiculous lyrics and fun guitar.  Overall, they are such a funny, catchy entertaining band.  Their first CD, Kountry Gentleman, is more of an off the wall like guitar and randomness, one of the songs Drama Queen has the line “O snap”, that’s right everyone, “O snap” it had to happen at some point.  Their latest CD called “Dance or Die” is more of a techno CD with good singing and a lot more dance stuff, overall, their fun to just rock out to.  Check em out on youtube or i don’t know get their CD.  So i haven’t been my usual bitter/ironic self really in this post, so i leave you with a joke.     2 dyslexic people walk into a bra. haha.  Yeah they look like emo

and yeah the singer is wearing Hulk Hands


March 12, 2009 - Posted by | Music

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