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Pushing Daisies: Why do the good die young, and mtv wont commit suicide

A couple of months ago, i became fascinated with a show called Pushing Daisies.  This show was amazing.  This show combined awesome murder mysteries, songs, great writing, and some random romance thrown in.  The show was one of the greatest murder shows on t.v., because it combined humor and crime solving and was so entertaining.  So of course what did those dickheads do, they cancelled it like mid story line.  The second season was over, but the show was cancelled, and one huge plot thing hadn’t even been close to resolved.  I’m really pissed.  For one thing, People should write in and complain to bring the show back.  I mean seriously, we have shit like mtv shows still on, I mean, goddamn, the Bachelor, for christs sake, its not like its real or has ever worked out.  DROP THAT SHOW!!!  Bring back the show that had everything, and the show that I got hooked on and then torn off, like a bad druggie being yanked cold turkey off of crack.  So he has to turn to heroin.  As in, i’ve been watching the first 7 seasons of scrubs over and over again.  But more on that story in another time.  For ranking this show, it deserved a 9.5/10. it was so good, and those bastards killed it.  Well you know what, phgbbbbbbbt.!! XC

Heck, the show even had a crazy shotgun carrying one-eyed mom/aunt! 

March 11, 2009 - Posted by | T.V. shows

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  1. you are making, a LOT of drug references buddy lol

    Comment by zombi3p0ptart | March 11, 2009 | Reply

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