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Chorus Concert

So I just came back from performing in a Chorus Concert, and it was Ballsa!!!!  I’m in the top choir in my school, where I’m a tenor 1.  For those of you who don’t know music, it’s the guys who sing ridiculously high, like only one testicle high.  That’s me.  Our concert was awesome, we sang a song called la lluvia which is supposed to sound like rain, but to me it just sounds like the sad depression that must have envolped the composer of this piece as he realized how much of a dumb fuck he was, becuase the son is retarded.  Then we snag O Magnum Mysterium.  It is crazy awesome with like disonant chords and crazy whatnot.  One BIG problem in the song though, is the lack of breathing in the song.  I might as well have freakin gills, its like breath 10 min after you pass out.  It is the equivalent of stabbing yourself multiple times in the lungs with a spoon, then trying to complete the iron man.  Yeah, it’s that fucking hard.  Lastly, we sang the best blacky song ever.  Joshu fought the battle of Jericho.  This song is awesome, like random jumps of like 2 octaves from high tenor to low bass, its really fast and the end is ridiculous, like ahhhhhhhhhhwesome, if you know music the tenors blast out an high A at the end, and the audience shits themselves, job well done I must say!!!!!!!!  Watch this song!!!


March 11, 2009 - Posted by | Rants

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