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Animal Crossing- City Folk: Love it now, Bored in 3 months

As you all know, many games suffer from what i like to call nintendogitis.  When you first get it, you go, holy shit, this game is so fun an addicting, it’s like crack, sadly crack is a gateway drug.  Cause very soon, repeating the same boring motions over and over agian with no real surprises, get’s boring as all hell.  Animal Crossing attempts to mend this with its wii enabled friend play, in which you both try to kill yourselfs out of boredom together.  But in all seriousness, this game is very fun.  It starts out letting you run around your own world and catch bugs, fish , dig up shit, fish, plant flowers, fish, water said flowers, harass animal neighbors, and fish.  That’s right, i once fished for 5 hours straight, hell yeah.This game does allow you to upgrade your house and your furniture, and digging holes on both sides of a bridge while someones on it is basically the most amusing thing to do.  If you like games that are really fun, and then become boring for 4 months, and then are really fun again, then pick this up.  If not, well, you’re not missing too much.  By that I mean, not missing attempted suicide. I give this 7 big fucking K.K. Sliders out of 10.  God damn i hate that dog, i don’t know why.

One of these days i will get u slider, and then kill you with that damn guitar

One of these days i will get u slider, and then kill you with that damn guitar


March 11, 2009 - Posted by | Video Games

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