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Waiting for 358/2: I’m gonna have to wait forever

So, if you didn’t know, I would suck someone’s dick for more Kingdom Hearts games, i freakin love them.  As I don’t have a PSP cause i’m broke, i can’t really be excited for Birth By Sleep.  But I can be excited about 358/2 for the DS.  While it has absolutely no touch screen features ( not necessarily a bad thing, seriously who uses that screen for more than like 1 game.)  It does involve Roxas again, which while people hated him, I thought he was badass, granted the biggest waste of like 8 hours of my life, but he was a cool character.  The chance to actually use him for a purpose now is freakin amazing.  Plus the co-op features blow my mind.  Like Bkkkkawwwwwwwwh!!!  All in all i’m waiting for 358/2 days, and i’m going to keep waiting until that greedy ass japan stops talking about games and then when they’re going to be realeased in japan, and then decides that they’ll release it in America in like 18 months because they’re lazy and FUCK YOU JAPAN!!!! Give me my games now!!!!!!

Oh, god, the sexy!!!!!

Oh, god, the sexy!!!!!


March 10, 2009 - Posted by | Video Games

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